These Coffee Cups Contains Seeds And Grow Into Trees After You Use Them!

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According to, we could save 6.59 million trees in the United States alone if we stopped using paper cups and started using reusable mugs instead.

Even so, it’s hard to convince every single American to walk around with a reusable mug. In this case, if you can’t beat them, join them!

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A new startup in California has an awesome idea for coffee and tea lovers everywhere that can kill two problems with one stone: waste and deforestation.

The company has created a Kickstarter campaign to make a biodegradable coffee cup with seeds embedded in it that will grow if it’s buried in the ground. The seeds are native to the area in which it’s purchased too. Awesome!

The cup will completely decompose in about 180 days and sprouts a tree where it was planted. So you contribute to the reforestation of the planet, making up for the paper needed to make the cup in the first place.

The tree will live for 40 years or more and will likely extract around a ton of CO2 form the atmosphere, thus reducing the impacts of climate change.

“We aim to change the lives of groups of people with the same material in which they deal with on an everyday basis,” the company’s designers wrote on their website.

The same source wrote that more than 140,000 of these cups have already been planted in California. With any luck, that’s only the start.

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