These Friends Decided To Grow Old Together And Build Themselves A Tiny Home Village

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I think for many people, especially younger people, that we’ll grow apart from many of our friends. We get married, have families, move to other states or countries and we just fall out of contact. Not these friends though. They decided to stay together.

They build a tiny home community they call “Llano Exit Strategy” in Austin, Texas. It consists of 4, 400 square foot homes. Each one costs $40,000.

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None of the homes have kitchens. there is one large community kitchen. The slanted roofs send rain into collection barrels, each holding up to 5,000 gallons. The walls are reflective to help keep them cooler in the summer. Currently they’re working on a big community garden to supply them with more local food.

Check out their little community. It’s awesome!