These Photos From The Past Show A World Where People Seemed Happier And Freer

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Today’s world can feel overwhelming at times. We’re often caught between how we truly want to live our lives, and how we feel we should live them. This is made worse by the constant use of social media and general media surrounding us. It sets often unattainable expectations and false representations of reality. We put up a front or a person to try and fit what we’re supposed to look like and act like.

But there was a time, when the only people that we interacted with, were the ones surrounding us. Without the internet, there was less pressure to keep up with certain expectations. People seemed more confident, they expressed themselves in their own styles and it made them seem happier. Take a look for yourself.

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The Cycle Of Fashion



“My groovy grandma. A trailblazer in her time as a women’s rights activist.”

Isn’t ironic how we live in a culture that’s always out with the old and in with the new, except what’s new isn’t actually new but a recycled version of the past? This whole outfit would very much be in style with the younger generation today.

This goes to show how we do value the life of the past, including its expression in our fashion and trends. The only difference is that now we also have the advantage of learning from the past and only keeping the parts that actually serve our needs and help us grow and move forward.