These Real Dying Wishes Put In Perspective What People Value In Their Final Moments

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Nothing like knowing that your end is near to really make you take a step back and re-evaluate what it is that actually matters most in life. Or so you would think. The following anecdotes are real, raw quotations shared by people on Reddit of their loved ones’ dying wishes.

Ask yourself first: “if you knew that your life was ending right now, what is the last thing that you hope to see, do, or who is the person you would want to share it with.”

It turns out that when it is actually your turn to pass on, the answer might surprise you…

A Case Of Beer

two beers cheers by sunset

Wil Stewart / Unsplash

Wil Stewart / Unsplash

​”My great uncle found out he had cancer and it was really bad. Near the end, he was sent home to wait for death pretty much. So he decided to bring all his boys back home to drink a case of his favorite beer, under the apple tree he planted as a child at the farmhouse. His ashes are in those bottles under the tree to this day.”- MuchDance1996 / Reddit

Happiness is in the little things, and a life well-lived is nothing more but the accumulation of celebrated moments. Why should the last one be any different?