Two Sisters Died In A Car Crash, Then Came Back Years Later. Here’s Why They Could Be Proof Of Reincarnation

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We still don’t have answers about what happens after death. Many of us have theories including the idea that life continues after death in the form of reincarnation. This is the belief that the soul is reborn into a new body once the old one expires. The only problem is that our human nature makes us crave proof. To believe in something we tend to want to not only understand it but see it for ourselves.

Well, the Pollock sisters might be the proof we’ve been looking for. Their story is one of the most mindblowing examples that supports the theory of recreation. Their story first appeared in the papers in the 1950s but continues to raise questions today. Here’s why theorists are finding these sisters fascinating.

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Let’s Go Back In Time To A Desperate Mother

newspaper article

Berita kematian Jacquline, Joanna, dan Anthony

Berita kematian Jacquline, Joanna, dan Anthony

This story started with another family. On a Sunday morning in 1957, a day usually reserved for church, a mother was experiencing a breakdown. She had been forced to separate from her children and couldn’t stand the idea so she decided that morning that she would take her own life. She took “lethal quantities of aspirin and phenobarbitone” and got into her car with the intention of colliding somewhere at full speed and dying from the impact.

What this mother didn’t account for is that very same morning, two little girls were walking to church with their nine-year-old friend, named Anthony. As they walked minding their own business, a car veered off the road and drove right into the girls, trapping them between the car and a wall. The impact was said to have “tossed them into the air like cricket balls.” All three children died from the collision. The two girls were known as Joanna, 11, and Jacqueline, 6.