Two Sisters Died In A Car Crash, Then Came Back Years Later. Here’s Why They Could Be Proof Of Reincarnation

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We still don’t have answers about what happens after death. Many of us have theories including the idea that life continues after death in the form of reincarnation. This is the belief that the soul is reborn into a new body once the old one expires. The only problem is that our human nature makes us crave proof. To believe in something we tend to want to not only understand it but see it for ourselves.

Well, the Pollock sisters might be the proof we’ve been looking for. Their story is one of the most mindblowing examples that supports the theory of recreation. Their story first appeared in the papers in the 1950s but continues to raise questions today. Here’s why theorists are finding these sisters fascinating.

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Let’s Go Back In Time To A Desperate Mother

newspaper article

Berita kematian Jacquline, Joanna, dan Anthony

Berita kematian Jacquline, Joanna, dan Anthony

This story started with another family. On a Sunday morning in 1957, a day usually reserved for church, a mother was experiencing a breakdown. She had been forced to separate from her children and couldn’t stand the idea so she decided that morning that she would take her own life. She took “lethal quantities of aspirin and phenobarbitone” and got into her car with the intention of colliding somewhere at full speed and dying from the impact.

What this mother didn’t account for is that very same morning, two little girls were walking to church with their nine-year-old friend, named Anthony. As they walked minding their own business, a car veered off the road and drove right into the girls, trapping them between the car and a wall. The impact was said to have “tossed them into the air like cricket balls.” All three children died from the collision. The two girls were known as Joanna, 11, and Jacqueline, 6.

An End Or A Beginning?

twins sit beside one anotehr with headbans

Gillian dan Jennifer/ Mamamia


Gillian dan Jennifer/ Mamamia


Unfortunately, the mother attempting to take her own life that day survived and the children didn’t. She was arrested and transferred to a psychiatric facility. The children’s families were left devasted. Joanna and Jacqueline were the only girls to their parents.

Time went by and although John and Florence Pollock, the parents of Joanna and Jacqueline, continued to grieve, they got pregnant again and had a new life to look forward to. In 1958, Florence gave birth to two more girls, an unexpected set of identical twins. They named the girls Gillian and Jennifer. The birth itself was strange. The family had no history of twins and even Florence’s doctor had only heard one heartbeat when he ran his tests. But that wasn’t all…

The Start Of A Happy Family…With Too Many Coincidences

vintage picture of twins

Gillian dan Jennifer | Mamamia

Gillian dan Jennifer | Mamamia

The new set of twins had remarkable similarities to their sisters who had passed.  Joanna was born in 1946, and her sister Jacqueline in 1951 but the fact that they had an age difference didn’t impact the never-ending coincidences. For instance, Jennifer had two birthmarks. One of them was a round dark mark on the left side of her waist that was identical to a birthmark Jacqueline had had.

The other birthmark was in an even stranger position, it was on her forehead above her right eye…This was the exact location of a scar Jacqueline had gotten when she had fallen and hit her head on a bucket. This still wasn’t it…

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Four Peas In A Pod

twins playing with dolls

Potret Gillian dan Jennifer. | Wikimedia Commons

Potret Gillian dan Jennifer. | Wikimedia Commons

The parents remembered Joanna once saying before she died that she “will never be a lady.” Once she died they believed that this was a premonition that she will never grow up. Some sources say that when the twins were 3 years old one of them asked if they could have their old toys back, and their mom retrieved her deceased children’s toys from the attic. She couldn’t believe her eyes when the girls didn’t fight over them. Gillian claimed Joanna’s toys as her own, and Jennifer claimed Jacqueline’s.

The girls seemed to each impersonate the personality of one of their dead sisters. Joanna, as the older sister had a motherly instinct and seemed to take care of her little sister. Gillian was the same and showed more maturity over her twin sister. Jennifer also listen to Gillian like she was older. Gillian even had the same interests as Jacqueline, often playing with costumes and acting in plays of her imagination.

Proof Of Incarnation?

black and white tombstone in graveyyard

bernswaelz / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

bernswaelz / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

So could these physical and personality similarities be just coincidences or are they proof of incarnation? The girls’ dad, John was certain it was re-incarnation. He believed that his daughters’ murder was a punishment from God because he had questioned and provoked him when he asked and prayed for proof of reincarnation over and over again.

His fascination had started as a child after reading a book about it. Despite being a Catholic and belonging to a church that refuted reincarnation, he claims to have known that his wife would give birth to twins even when her doctor didn’t.

Old Memories Resurfacing

family holding drinks and watching the game

Potret keluarga John Pollock. | Wikimedia Commons

Potret keluarga John Pollock. | Wikimedia Commons

The strangest part of the twins’ story is the stories they told of memories they had of a past life, with details they couldn’t have possibly known. This included knowledge of places they had never been to. For instance, the family had moved to Whitley Bay when the twins were born. Yet somehow when they moved back to Hexam, where the deceased daughter had lived, the twins were able to get around and identify places they had never seen. They even know how to find their dead sisters’ favorite park.

The details were scary.

John told the story of a time he was with walking the twins up the Hill towards St. Mary’s church: “one turned to the other and said the school is up here where we used to go to and the playground is round the back. At the time not only would they have been too small to see the school from where they were but there was also a large wall obscuring their view.” The coincidences kept piling up. The twins could even identify friends and neighbors and had a preference over the same food and clothing, their sisters once did.

A Fear Of Cars

black and white photo of car

Val Media Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Val Media Getty Images Via Canva Pro

It’s like the trauma from the sister’s brutal death accident continues to live on. Even Florence, who at first refused to believe in reincarnation as it went against her Catholic faith, remembers one time finding Jennifer lying on the floor, her head being cradled in Gillian’s lap. She overhead Gillian telling her sister: “The blood’s coming out of your eyes. That’s where the car hit you.”

The twins were also very afraid of cars. They didn’t like crossing the street and always clung to each other when they heard a car engine. The parents remember a particular day when the sisters heard a car engine in an alleyway and screamed: “The car! The car! It’s coming for us!”

Reincarnation or Grief?

Potret Gillian dan Jennifer. | Wikimedia Commons

Potret Gillian dan Jennifer. | Wikimedia Commons

Despite the long list of evidence that seems to point towards reincarnation, some experts believe that what the twins knew was just based on their parent’s influence. In their time of grief, they likely planted memories and convinced themselves that what their daughters knew must mean they were still connected to the ones who had passed.

Ian Stevenson, a professor of psychiatry who included the Pollock girls in his book entitled Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation reminds us of “the idea that the parents may have planted memories in Gillian and Jennifer – either consciously or unconsciously. It’s possible that they mentioned their late daughters in passing – i.e. that was Jacqueline’s favorite toy or we used to take Jacqueline and Joanna to this park. Kids are far more perceptive than they get credit for.”

However, this still doesn’t solve the mysteries of their physical scars and preferences.

What Do You Believe?

woman in prayer motion by cliff

Marcos Paulo Prado / Unsplash

Marcos Paulo Prado / Unsplash

Gillian and Jennifer’s past-life memories stopped after the age of seven. As adults, they’re still kind of skeptical about the whole concept of reincarnation but have accepted that they may have embodied their dead sisters’ souls. They had moved on with their lives until in 1981,  Gillian had visions in which she saw herself playing in a sandpit in Wickham, where the family had lived before she was born. She had never been in person…

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