These Surprising Beauty Secrets From Seven Of History’s Most Beautiful Women Question Today’s Standards

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, every woman knows the struggle and pressure it takes to feel beautiful. In today’s society, the popularity of botox, plastic surgery, and advanced make-up artistry have made beauty an expensive but attainable way of life.

The celebrities that we follow in the media today appear to look perfect with the help of lip filler and Instagram filters. But, beauty was not always so artificial. These women throughout history offer surprising tips and tricks to achieve a natural beauty.

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Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette may have been the last Queen of France, but she was also the first Queen of this iconic beauty secret. This Queen was known for her good looks and style, and lucky for us, historians have kept a record of how she remained so beautiful up until her tragic death.

An oil painting of Marie Antoinette holding a white rose.
Universal History / Getty Images
Universal History / Getty Images

Using the ingredients of cognac, milk, eggs, and lemon, this Queen created a magical face mask to preserve the plumpness of her face. Antoinette would often sit in the bathwater of sea salt and thyme while letting this mask transform her skin. She was truly the Queen of relaxation. After all, how could a woman rule a country without taking care of herself first? If a queen can find the time to care for her body and mind to avoid burnout and premature aging, then we all can.