These Toxic Parenting Tactics Are Still Viewed As “Normal”, But People Are Finally Criticizing Them

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We know that parenting is hard and there is no to always draw the line between what is good parenting and what is bad parenting. Yet within the grey area in between, enough grown adults have learned better than to repeat their parents’ tactics. While maybe these tactics were viewed as “normal” because they were simply passed on from generation to generation and everyone else was doing it, the kids have grown up and they are now speaking out against them.

While the goal is not to criticizing their parents, here is why certain normalized tactics can actually turn out to have real toxic effects as shared by those grown kids on Reddit.

Venting To A Child

little girl doing dishes with her dad with water running

CDC / Unsplash

CDC / Unsplash

“Telling your kids your personal problems. Like, ‘Your dad is horrible; he didn’t even do the dishes. I hate my marriage.’ Your kids are not your therapist. Also, they can’t do anything to solve your problem. Instead, address your issues with your spouse and a therapist.” Desiger_jpg

Kids absorb everything you tell them like a sponge. If you constantly complain about something, they might interpret it as “bad.” They could start acting out against their dad, or be unreasonably afraid of certain situations because they don’t want to disappoint you or replicate your feelings.