5 Things Empaths Do Differently

1. They follow their gut instincts.

Empaths typically have a strong intuition and they pay close attention to it. They pick up on vibes easily and know when it's time to leave or get rid of something bad. They pay close attention to the world around them and act on their instincts.

2. They protect the environment.

Empaths are often the biggest environmentalists you know. They see what's happening to the world around them and do their very best to protect it. They're the kinds of people who compost because it's good for the worms or tie themselves to a beautiful tree slated for chopping down.

3. They live in the moment.

Empaths don't usually think too much about the future. It becomes too much to bear. Instead, they live here, in the present moment. They enjoy each moment as it passes and take strength in where they are in life.

4. They understand the lives of others.

Empaths don't box themselves into their own beliefs or their own lifestyles. They may not be able to directly experience the lives other people live, but they have the capability to understand and empathize with the feelings of others. They realize better than anyone else that we're all the same in so many ways.

5. They inspire other people.

It's hard to not be inspired by empaths. There are times I believe they're the next step for humanity.

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