​Three Things You Should Never Break

7 Things No One Should Ever Apologize For

In today's empathic and sensitive ways, sometimes we are left feeling like we are walking on eggshells.

It good to admit when you have erred, but I hear people saying 'I'm sorry' even when they aren't sorry or they had nothing to do with it.

Be careful if you spout off I'm sorry's as a knee jerk response. If you aren't at fault, don't say it! Its taken as a sign of weakness and shows a lack of confidence.

The small stuff aside here are 7 actions that you should never apologize for. These are your inherent rights as a person.

Use them boldly and express no regrets in doing what you think is right.

1. Making Decisions Against Convention

Don't let the expectations and projections of others and society limit you. You are a strong, competent person with unlimited potential.

Don't be afraid to tap into your potential and do what you know in your heart is the right decision.

Even if that decision is not popular or thought of well. You know what is best for you, and others may mean well but they are on the outside looking in.

2. Putting Yourself First

You are the only thing you have control over. If you don't take care of yourself, you won't be in a position to help anyone else.

It's OK to lean on your support system at times but you need to have internal resources of happiness, courage, and self love.

3. Making Plans Without Consulting Anyone

You are not accountable to anyone. What you choose to do with your money, time and resources is up to you.

Don't let others stake a claim in your business where there is none. You are your own person. You should never feel that you can't make decisions with out someone's approval.

4. Being Comfortable With Intimacy

Consensual intimacy is healthy. It relieves stress, is a great calorie burner, and feels great! Social stigma's have taught us to fell one way or the other about this once taboo subject.

Women are taught to limit themselves or be an accessory to men. Men are taught that our desires are so strong we are animals. None of these are true.

You have your own unique identity. Seek out what really turns you on with someone you like and trust.

5. Speaking Your Mind

You are not incompetent or stupid. Your voice is valid and your opinions are unique. Feel powerful when you speak your mind. Be bold when explaining your concepts.

Be sure to respect others, even when they don't respect you. You don't have to tolerate it, but you should always show respect.

6. Saying No

You are your own person, feel strong in saying 'no'. No you don't want to be involved or no your not comfortable with that.

A person that tries to argue with you on these points is being selfish.

7. Expecting More

You should always be progressing and moving forward. You know that you are a growing entity with more to offer with each passing day.

Be prepared to tap into your potential and make your reams a reality.

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