5 Things That Only A Leo Will Truly Understand

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If you’re a Leo, like myself, then you know that we’re easily one of the best signs (if not the best) in the zodiac. How can we not be? Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, which is typically one of the hottest time periods of the summer, Leos come into this world with fire and passion.

While Leos share many traits with their sign, the Lion, the king of the jungle, they’re much more complex than most people think. These are 5 things that only Leos will really understand:

We’re not dependent on others, but we still like companionship

Leos are known for their independence and sometimes uncanny ability to do pretty much everything without needing help.

They might not need the help of others often, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in having loyal companions.

We’re not always interested in being in control, but it usually gets pushed upon us

Leos are inherently charismatic and charming, often making them the go-to choice for leadership.

Most people pick up on this and let the Leo take command, recognizing his or her ability to lead others, work well under pressure, and accept responsibility where others fail to do so.

It’s easy for people to be attracted to us

Leos are born with a natural confidence that allows them to be so charismatic and enticing. And they know this.

They’re completely aware of the jealousy that sometimes arises in others because of it. But they’re not interested in people who seek to bring them down.

Not to mention, people often mistake their bold confidence as sexuality, something the Leo has no problem with!

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Leos are deeply loyal to their friends and loved ones

When you’ve made it into the exclusivity of the Leo’s pride (inner circle), there is almost nothing that the Leo will not do for you.

Deeply loyal and generous, Leos hate seeing their loved ones suffer, and will do anything to fix it.

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We have tender hearts

The Leo might always look calm, cool and collected on the outside, maintaining a stoic demeanor in the face of all problems, but on the inside they’re actually very emotional.

However, these emotions are not typically put on display for everyone to see.

Only the Leo’s closest companions have ever witnessed their expressions of pain, frustration or sorrow.

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