16 Y.O Boy Wore A Ballgown and Lipstick To Prom, He Didn’t Expect This Reaction From Teachers

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Prom is a magical night that teenagers remember for the rest of their life. As exciting and fun as this night to remember turns out to be, the preparation for prom can be stressful and intimidating. This night is a turning point in their lives as they leave their childhood behind and enter the “real world” so there is a lot of pressure and excitement as they figure out their identity.

The pressure to show up in your best attire can be daunting. While most girls strive for a gorgeous dress and most boys purchase a suit and tie, this one student wasn’t sure how he wanted to present himself. He didn’t feel like he fit in either box.

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Meet Korben Green

Like all high school seniors, Korben Green was looking forward to ending his high school career with a bang. Being a student interested in theatre and glamour, Korben found himself at a crossroads when it came time to decide on an outfit for his prom.

A mom and son smiling and holding a pride flag.
@thisisneenz / Twitter
@thisisneenz / Twitter

Korben was a confident student who walked his own path and didn’t believe in thesocietal pressure to fit in. When he told his mom that he didn’t want to wear a traditional male tuxedo to the school dance, she was not surprised but instead, excited. She knew Korben was destined to carve a path of his own, one where he would stand out.