16 Y.O Boy Wore A Ballgown and Lipstick To Prom, He Didn’t Expect This Reaction From Teachers

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Prom is a magical night that teenagers remember for the rest of their life. As exciting and fun as this night to remember turns out to be, the preparation for prom can be stressful and intimidating. This night is a turning point in their lives as they leave their childhood behind and enter the “real world” so there is a lot of pressure and excitement as they figure out their identity.

The pressure to show up in your best attire can be daunting. While most girls strive for a gorgeous dress and most boys purchase a suit and tie, this one student wasn’t sure how he wanted to present himself. He didn’t feel like he fit in either box.

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Meet Korben Green

Like all high school seniors, Korben Green was looking forward to ending his high school career with a bang. Being a student interested in theatre and glamour, Korben found himself at a crossroads when it came time to decide on an outfit for his prom.

A mom and son smiling and holding a pride flag.
@thisisneenz / Twitter
@thisisneenz / Twitter

Korben was a confident student who walked his own path and didn’t believe in thesocietal pressure to fit in. When he told his mom that he didn’t want to wear a traditional male tuxedo to the school dance, she was not surprised but instead, excited. She knew Korben was destined to carve a path of his own, one where he would stand out.

Living Outside The Box

While some old-fashioned parents would disapprove of their child’s desire to challenge gender norms and expectations, Korben’s mom couldn’t be more proud of her son. To be yourself in a world that tries to tell you who you should be is an accomplishment, one that Korben has found to be a rewarding way of life, although not easy.

Corben in drag posing by pride sign
Nina Green / BBC
Nina Green / BBC

Korben has an alter-ego drag queen that he performs as, a character that his mom describes as “sassy.” Korben made the creative decision to incorporate his character, Miss Frou Frou, into his prom outfit. Choosing to enter the adult world as who he truly is would be setting th tone for the rest of his life. He was choosing a brave path where he would live as himself at whatever cost so he wanted to go all out with accessories, nail polish, and make-up.

The Unexpected Reaction

Dressed in a one-of-a-kind prom dress with a red sparkly tuxedo top and a ball-gown style skirt, Korben made his way to the prom as confident as ever but unsure how he would be received. People could judge him and exclude him for his bold choice. It can be scary to stand out in a crowd dressed in a way no one would expect you to. But Korben was in for a great surprise.

A man wearing a sparkly red tuxedo top with a red skirt attached.
@thisisneenz / Twitter
@thisisneenz / Twitter

When he walked into the gala wearing lipstick and sparkles, he attracted the attention of everyone in the room. It took a second, but to his surprise, the crowd of teachers and students alike stood up ina standing ovation congratulating Korben for choosing authenticity, This teenager proves that confidence is the best outfit.

The Unconditional Love Of A Mother

Korben’s mom is his greatest support system as she loves him unconditionally for who he is. She explained that she could not be more proud and supportive of her son. She hopes to send a message to parents around the globe that accept children no matter their sexual orientation or gender identification is the least they can do.

A mom and son taking a selfie on a city street.
@thisisneenz / Twitter
@thisisneenz / Twitter

She tweeted: “At age 12 my son announced he wanted to go to his school prom in a gown. Four years later, we made it happen. I’m so incredibly proud of him for being true to himself.”

The World Had An Opinion

While the world can often be harsh and unforgiving, it was surprisingly kind to Korben. Both Korben and his mother were overwhelmed with the positive support he received both at his prom and on social media. When his mother’s tweet of his gown went viral, the comments flooded in with love and admiration.

A man facing away from the camera, dressed for prom and posing with his hand on his hip.
@thisisneenz / Twitter
@thisisneenz / Twitter

“Your son looks so happy being able to wear what he wants to wear. I hope he also feels confident enough to know that he doesn’t have to be a drag queen to do so, as that seems to be how he is describing himself at the moment. He can just be a man who wears amazing dresses.” This is proof that we’re capable of love and acceptance after all!

Becoming An Inspiration For All

Korben has become an inspiration for people worldwide, his confidence in himself proving that we can all be whoever we want to be. This family is living proof that with the right amount of love and support, you can do or become anything, at the risk of hate and judgement from strangers.

A man posing in a sparkly red prom outfit with a big smile on his face.
@thisisneenz / Twitter
@thisisneenz / Twitter

Michelle Savage, a pride trustee, exclaimed: “Korben is a ray of sunshine and that sparkly dress is the sparkle he brings to the world … a role model of what you get if you have a really loving family who totally accepts and adore their child and let them be the best they can be, and lead the best life they can have.”

Embrace Who You Are!

In a society that expects people to fit in as opposed to express individuality, it’s an act of bravery to show up as yourself. The pressure of judgment can be an easy trap to fall into, but people like Korben remind us that not being true to ourselves is no way to live.

A drag queen posing on stage wearing a sparkly silver dress and pink wig, with confetti flying.
@thisisneenz / Twitter
@thisisneenz / Twitter

You deserve to be happy, and happiness starts when we learn to love and accept ourselves. Embrace who you are and be proud of it because no one is you, and that’s your superpower!

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