This “Agrihood” Creates Suburban Living Around Community Farms Instead Of Golf Courses

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Visit any huge suburb and you’re bound to see giant parks of endless grass and gigantic golf courses. A new project, called “The Cannery,” is designed around a 7 acre urban farm near the downtown area. The community will have 547 homes, all highly energy efficient and solar powered.

The term “Agrihood” is probably very new to you, but the concept definitely isn’t. The concept has roots back into the 1800s. The nation’s first planned-community to have this pastoral feel was in Riverside, Illinois. It espoused country life in the middle of the city.

In today’s world, local food isn’t just hot – it’s environmentally friendly as well as sustainable. It teaches averages folks to how to grow their own food, which is a useful skill that many of us have forgotten.