This Awesome House Is Made Of Completely Recycled Materials… Wait Until You See The Inside!

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We cover a lot of fun and interesting house ideas here at Higher Perspective, but this one takes the cake for me.

Today’s houses are rarely made out of any reclaimed materials. Even though many buildings are demolished every year, most of the waste goes right to the dump. And about 40% of what ends up in the landfill every year is construction waste. Jeez! That’s a lot of waste. But a Uruguayan artist  who goes by Jaime had a great idea:

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Build a house out of recycled materials.

In 1995, Jaime acquired a beautiful plot of land in southern Brazil near the Praia Brava beach. It was there he created his breathtaking project. He started by using materials from homes that were demolished that were otherwise going to be sent to the dump. He used glass, wood, pottery remains, and even used bottles.

Pretty neat, right? Check out the photos of this stunning house: