This Floating Solar Powered Farm Could Provide Nearly 10,000 Tons Of Food Per Year!

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Solar energy has come a long way since its invention in the middle of the 20th century. Its efficiency is improving by leaps and bounds and the cost is going down fast. Much to the dismay of fossil fuel peddlers, solar has entered the mainstream and is being applied widely. Nice!

One idea for solar is the solar farm that actually floats on water. One company, Forward Thinking Architecture, thinks we can farm food and energy from the sun on floating installations. Their first project, they estimate, will yield 8,152 tons of vegetables and 1,703 tons of fish per year.

“Facing the current challenges of cities growing, land consumption and climate change, I believe projects like the Smart Floating Farms can help change some of the existing paradigms which have led us to the present situation and open new possibilities which can improve the quality of human life and the environment.” says Javier Ponce, one of the people behind the project. “Based on a Floating Multi-layered strategy which combines Aquaculture(fish), Hydroponics(crops) and Photovoltaics(solar power), we aim that these floating farms can be located close to areas where food is more needed and potentially become automated Farm Clusters run by the use of IT technologies/software.”

What do you think of this idea? Is it an honestly good idea for feeding growing populations or a waste of money?