This Genius Makes Shoes For Impoverished Kids That Grow With The Children

If you've ever had kids or even remember what it was like to be a kid, you probably know just how fast kids grow out of their clothes and shoes. Kenton Lee recognized this problem when he set out to make inexpensive shoes for children living in poverty around the world. His solution?

Make shoes that grow with the children.

Lee started an organized called The Shoe That Grows to help kids living in poverty never have to worry about not having shoes again. Some 300 million kids walk through their young lives completely barefoot because shoes are too expensive for families to buy for their kids. They don't have the financial means and the kids grow out of them so fast anyway.

Lee's shoe design is one that grows and expands and, unlike other inexpensive shoe options, are incredibly durable. Check out the images and videos below to learn more.

The shoe grows and expands in three primary places to allow for maximum use for the growing young person.

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