This Greenhouse Makes It Possible To Grow Crops In The Desert

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Roots Up, a non-profit organization, has developed a greenhouse capable of harnessing the dew and moisture from the outside environment in order to water the plants within. This greenhouse could revolutionize farming in desert and arid climates, where crops are currently unable to grow.

The design is explained on the Roots Up website:

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The greenhouse traps hot air and humidity during the heat of the day, creating a better atmosphere for plant growth and then at night, a rope can be pulled that opens up a latch at the top of the greenhouse that lets cool air in, eventually reaching the dew point and creating condensation. The water droplets are channeled into a collection cistern and can be used for drinking water or for irrigation. In times of rain, the design can also be used as a rainwater collector.

They initially plan to start the project in rural areas of Ethiopia currently suffering from draught and famine.