This Is The Most Passionate Zodiac Sign, According To Astrologers

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Some of us are more affectionate than others by nature. We’re more in tune with our feminine energy and nurturing signs and can’t help but want to show the ones we love just how much we care for them. Sometimes this is enabled in us through experience and empathy as we would hate for someone we love to doubt they’re loved like we once we did, or because we were so loved that we want them to also know how that feels.

Sometimes, it’s just written in the code of our personality and affection is part of who we are. This is especially true for a particular zodiac sign, as explained by astrologers.

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Can’t Help But Be A Hugger

Are you the kind of person who skips the awkward “nice to meet you” handshake and goes straight for a warm hug? Then you might be the sign in question. People typically fall into two categories: huggers and non-huggers.

woman hugs man in a park smiling
Tani Eisenstein / Unsplash
Tani Eisenstein / Unsplash

Huggers are also the kind of people who have their guard up until they feel like can trust you, then they all they want to do is express how much they love you and cuddle next to you. Their love language is physical touch and quality and they prefer to keep their circles tight and small.