This Is The Most Overlooked Reason Why A Person Seemingly Gets Angry Randomly

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An intense burst of rage can feel more like an attack, especially when it is projected at the wrong person. You’ll be chatting about lunch and all of a sudden a person will snap at you for not passing them the ketchup. While it’s common to experience moments of irritation, or even annoyance at others, it can seem quite unreasonable to get mad at them for no reason. It’s actually rude and mean to project someone to a burst of anger without being able to calmly explain to them why.

If you’re finding that all you want to do is scream into a pillow or punch a wall but can’t figure out why, you’re not necessarily a bad person, but you might be overlooking a rather obvious reason.

Your Body Is Trying To Communicate With You

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Chris Jarvis / Unsplash

Chris Jarvis / Unsplash

​Anger is often a side effect of something else happening in your body. It’s like its own language trying to communicate with you through urgency and intensity to alert you that something is going wrong.

Often anger will come hand in hand with anxiety to tell you that something feels off. Even if this emotion is not desired, you should pay attention to it and figure out what it wants. Often the physical body is way ahead of the mind.