This Is the Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Cheat, Data Shows

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While trust is the foundation of any relationship, often people cheat and yet claim to still love their parters. So what pushes them to break trust and risk sabotaging a relationship with someone they supposedly care about?

Maybe it’s their unresolved issues, bad experiences or they’re just programmed to do it. Now data might be able to show that one zodiac sign is more likely to cheat than the others, based on the makeup of their characteristics.

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Written In The Stars

Whether you believe in fate or free will, there’s no denying that we are all born with predicated characteristics that make up our being and identity. Some of it is inherited, and some is learned dependent on our environment. So it doesn’t seem that far out of reach to determine tendencies based on the time and place we were born at, or in other words our zodiac sign.

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Denis Degioanni / Unsplash
Denis Degioanni / Unsplash

Extra-marital dating site Illicit Encounters analyzed data from their memberships and determined what percentages of their user base was born at which time of year. Breaking down the statistics, the site was then able to share which astrological signs were most and least likely to cheat.

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Scorpios: Least Likely

Let’s start with some good news, Scorpios might be the most faithful of all with just a 3 percent chance of cheating. Scorpios are big on loyalty and it might have to do with how intelligent they are. They are able to calculate the risk and consequences of their actions which deters them from crossing boundaries.

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Carly Rae Hobbins / Unsplash
Carly Rae Hobbins / Unsplash

Scorpios all stand strong in their beliefs and don’t care too much whether they get other people’s approval. They’re not afraid to stand out as long as they’re doing what they think is right, such as staying faithful.

Aquarius: Free Spirited Lover

Aquarius accounted for only 4 percent of Illicit Encounters’ user base so they’re also off the hook. They might be free-spirited and maybe even eccentric but they are quite righteous. In fact, they are concerned with making large-scale impacts.

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Allef Vincius / Unspash
Allef Vincius / Unspash

If it was up to them, they’d want to change the world. They don’t have the patience for small talk and gossip, they’re far too busy thinking of ways to live meaningful lives and that starts with treating the people around them in the best way that they can.

Sagitttarius: Doesn’t Play By The Rules

Saggitarius also tend to get a bad reputation because of their rebellious nature. They tend to reject rules because they hate feeling constrained and limited by standards and expectations. They understand that each person is unique so how could they all be conditioned to live the same way?

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Robert Mcgowan / Unsplash
Robert Mcgowan / Unsplash

However, Sagittarians are also very honest beings so if they ever feel stuck in a relationship, they’re more likely to let their partner know than they are to cheat on them. This leaves them tied with Aquarius at a respectable 4 percent.

Virgos: Chasing An Ideal

Virgos want the best of the best, but they don’t actually quite know what the best is. Instead, they can hurt themselves by constantly chasing after an unattainable ideal. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will cheat. They must just hold their partner to unrealistic standards that could hurt the relationship.

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Anthony Tran / Unsplash
Anthony Tran / Unsplash

Although they sit at an 8% chance of cheating, they’re often too logical to act on impulse when they know that the consequences would eventually catch up to them.

Gemini: Two Faced

Geminis aren’t always good at balancing their emotional reasoning with their impulsive nature. This can make them come off as two-faced, selfish, or even superficial. These traits make them the second-most likely zodiac sign to cheat at 14 percent.

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Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images Canva Pro
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images Canva Pro

It’s hard to know what’s going on in a Gemini’s mind. They’re usually secretive and not paying too much attention to what they’re doing. They like to keep their options open to have as many opportunities as possible on the go. They tend to have a lot of connections which they like because it keeps them in the know about everything and everyone.

Libra: The Biggest Cheater

To all Libras, we apologize, but you have been found to be the sin most likely to cheat, 16 percent of Illicit Encounters’ user base. Libras thrive on attention and have no problem being in the spotlight. They’re also quite charming which makes it easy for them to attract people willing to give them that kind of attention.

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Motortion / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Motortion / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Unfortunately despite usually being coupled up to someone, their desire to make everyone happy tempts them to push the boundaries of their relationship. Their people-pleasing nature blurs their own needs and wants but at the end of the day, they don’t mean to hurt anyone and just want everyone to be happy.

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Cassie Lopez / Unsplash

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