This Is The Zodiac Sign That Needs The Most Sleep, And There’s A Good Reason

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Who gets enough sleep anymore? There just seems to be one too many things to fit in a day that we either go to bed late or wake up early. Even on the days that we force ourselves to get under the blankets at a healthy bedtime, the stress of the next day keeps us awake much longer than desired.

So “how much sleep can we get away with and still function?” should be the better question we ask ourselves. It all might have something to do with our zodiac sign. This is how much sleep each Zodiac actually needs.

Aries Needs The Least

woman doing yoga pose on bed

Mathilde Lagevin / Unspalsh

Mathilde Lagevin / Unspalsh

Aries just has too much to do in the day that sleep gets the least priority. Yet because of their naturally high energy, they can actually survive on as little as four hours of sleep. Even the bare minimum is enough to get by and frankly, any more sleep often feels like a waste of precious time to Aries.

They prioritize achieving their goals and making sure they’re ahead of the race. If you’re an Aries, just be careful not to get completely sleep-deprived and run out of fuel eventually.