This Is What The Earth Will Look Like When All The Ice Melts

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It’s no longer a question of if the polar ice caps will melt – they already are. The impacts of climate change are here. And yet there are people who deny the incredibly clear science on the matter. Burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests, and raising animals for food are enormous contributors to climate change, but in every area, we can have impacts by changing lifestyle habits.

Many people are asking what we can do to change something so huge. Well, as the International Business Times pointed out, many of the impacts of climate change will be irreversible. Sea level rise is one of those hard-to-change impacts.

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While we still can, it’s time to live in harmony with our planet. It’s time to treated it better. It’s time to demand renewable energy, recycle, bike more, use less, and live more.

Hopefully this video will open your eyes a bit and make you ask, “What can I do?” The most terrifying thing about the prospect of the ice caps melting is all the displaced people. If the Syrian refugee crisis is bad, wait until every coastal metropolis needs to be evacuated.