What Does The Way You Feel About Scary Movies Reveal About Your Personality

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Scary movies are as old as cinema. For some reason, we have always tried to scare ourselves and have been intrigued by dark stories. Maybe it’s because it gives us a sense of relief that things could be worse, or makes us feel more prepared by watching worse case scenarios played out. Maybe we just want to understand where the darkness comes from and how much of it is real.

We’re all watching for some kind of purpose. Yet, some of us can barely even sit through a scary movie, or can’t stop thinking about it once it’s over. So what does it all mean? It’s basically all psychological and it all has to do with your personality. Find out how.

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If They Get And Keep Your Attention

scary clown holding red balloon

Nong V / Unsplash

Nong V / Unsplash

If you’re the kind of person that absolutely loves scary movies and are able to completely immerse yourself into the experience without having to close your eyes to hide or scream once, then you have a high capacity for psychological dissociation. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It just means that you have an ability to escape this reality and connect with another one on a deep level. You probably have a high attention span and when you give your attention to something or someone, you’re able to give your full undivided attention.

You’re not easily distracted and you tend to have your eye on the prize. This would make you an ideal candidate for instinctive survival as well. For the time that you give to scary movies, just like anything that holds on to your attention, you keep a spiked mental and physical focus. This helps you stay focused, gives you clarity, and keeps your logical thinking even in threatening situations, whether in an argument or escaping a ghost. It forces you to break from your worries and fears to stay on task. This is quite hard to do for most people who get flustered and caught up in situations.