This Is Your Warning To Be Cautious Of This Week’s Venus And Jupiter’s Clash, Here’s How It Impacts Your Sign

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Weekly Horoscopes July 25th – 31st, 2022.Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

This week begins on a cautionary note, as Venus and Jupiter clash on Monday. In money or love – or both! – this energy highlights over-optimism and too much blind faith. It’s important to stay realistic without becoming too negative.

On Thursday, a creative, joyful New Moon in Leo brings out the warmth in all of us. This is very loyal, loving energy, but it can be quite flamboyant and dramatic – not to everyone’s tastes, perhaps, but a welcome positive influence nonetheless.

Just hours later, however, Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries. For those of us who can be our own worst enemies, this is a wake-up call. We are all urged to get out of our own way; stop creating problems for yourself, and instead focus on your inner abundance.

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Watch out for some serious over-spending as the week begins. When Venus and Jupiter clash, you’re all too prone to comfort- spending or buying lavish family gifts which you can ill afford.

Venus with rocks about to crash into it
TBIT / Pixabay Via Canva Pro
TBIT / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

You’ll find a new spring in your step on Thursday, however, as the New Moon invites you to begin an exciting new personal project. Your enthusiasm will overflow for this, and it certainly gives you something to look forward to.

The same day, Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries. This challenges your desire to stand out from the crowd. You may find it easier to conform than to be noticed for a little while. What can you learn from toning down your personal image a little?


This week, discretion is advised on Monday because the clash between Venus and Jupiter could lead to you putting something in writing that you really shouldn’t. Be careful with your social media accounts too.

A joyful New Moon in the family zone of your natal birth chart on Thursday is very welcome, and you’ll find this influence helpful if you’re trying to sell your home. It’s also excellent for creative redecorating or renovations – watch your vision come to life!

On the same day, however, Jupiter turns retrograde in the most spiritual zone of your chart. This can have a somewhat negative effect on your mental health for a while. Be sure that you look after yourself and be kind to your inner child.


Friends may encourage over-spending on Monday, or you may be tempted to spend on a lavish event or outing, probably against your better judgment. When Venus and Jupiter clash, you struggle to define financial boundaries.

However, the New Moon on Thursday brings better news, including a fresh start for your over-burdened to-do list. Clear your clutter and set new goals. What you think about now is attracting like-for-like, so keep your thoughts positive.

Jupiter turns retrograde this week, also on Thursday, and for you, this quietens down your social life a little. You’ll want to keep on seeing your closest friends and allies but expect to feel less need for a wide circle of contacts for the foreseeable future.

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Monday’s clash between Venus and Jupiter highlights dissatisfaction in your career. Tempers are likely to flare if you’re feeling under-appreciated or overlooked at work.

Much more positive news comes from Thursday’s New Moon, which occurs in the money zone of your natal birth chart. Ideal energy for starting a new business or creating a lucrative side income will help boost both your bank balance and your self-esteem.

Look to Jupiter turning retrograde later on Thursday for further insight into your career issues. Could it be that you’re a round peg trying to fit into a square hole?


When Venus clashes with Jupiter on Monday, you’ll need to be very careful with travel details. Something hidden or unexpected may catch you out, so double-check everything if your journey is important.

The main news of the week, however, is the glorious Leo New Moon on Thursday. This splendid burst of energy in your sign is packed with joy, laughter, and the very best kind of glamorous drama – perfect for romantic surprises!

Also on Thursday, Jupiter turns retrograde, prompting you to think more carefully about whether you lack the skills you need to achieve your dreams. Is it time to go back to school?


A friend is likely to push all the wrong buttons on Monday, stirring up bad memories or asking awkward questions as Venus and Jupiter clash. They probably mean well, but you may have to be very forgiving for a short while.

On Thursday, the New Moon highlights your spiritual gifts and encourages you to explore further with divination, meditation, or mediumship. You have many talents in this area that you have not yet fully developed.

Be aware, however, that Jupiter turns retrograde this week, also on Thursday. This can limit your self-confidence in your social life, so you may prefer to stick to a few close friends rather than seeking out a new tribe right now.

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There’s something of a work-life balance crisis on Monday when your ruling planet Venus clashes with Jupiter’s exaggerated expectations. Keep a dialogue going with your partner and find a solution you can all live with.

On Thursday, the New Moon highlights your social life, bringing new people into your orbit and promising much progress if you can get together with like-minded souls.

Jupiter turns retrograde this week, also on Thursday, in the love zone of your natal birth chart. Relationships may feel claustrophobic for a while, or you may sense that your connections have become more limited. However, this is just a catalyst urging you to reconsider your love path.


Dreams clash with reality on Monday when Venus and Jupiter square up. As much as you’d love to do something, in particular, responsibilities call, and you may simply not have the free time.

The New Moon on Thursday occurs in your career zone, however. This may help you free up more leisure by creating a better work-life balance. It’s certainly an exciting opportunity to mold your career more to your liking.

Be aware that Jupiter also turns retrograde on the same day, however. This can create some confusion and misunderstandings in your everyday routines, so you’ll need to get your most organized head on to stay on track.


A psychological battle of wills on Monday may exhaust you in more ways than one. As Venus clashes with your ruling planet Jupiter, don’t be surprised to feel that you simply cannot win. Your best bet is to calm down and to wait this influence out.

Matters improve significantly by the time the New Moon shines from your adventure zone on Thursday. Get outdoors if you can, take a trip, plan a vacation, indulge in some adrenaline sports – you’ll want to feel alive and free.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the same day, however, with your ruling planet moving backward through your risk zone. Be very careful with your personal safety, and don’t take foolish risks.

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Conflict between your relatives seems difficult to deal with on Monday, as Venus and Jupiter clash. You will probably be expected to take sides; try to stay neutral if possible.

The New Moon on Thursday occurs in your debt zone and signifies a fresh start not only for your finances but for your emotional debts too. Pay back what you owe in kindness, favors, or simply good grace.

Jupiter turns retrograde on Thursday, too, moving backward through your home and family zone. Be extra sure to show your affection to your family, as this influence can make you seem a little cold and aloof for a while.


Don’t set ridiculously high expectations for yourself on Monday. There will likely be some confusion or misunderstanding as Venus squares Jupiter, so scale back what you think is achievable, just for the day.

Thursday’s New Moon is in your love zone – it’s a wonderful time for dating or for enjoying the magic of a relatively new relationship. If you’ve been together for a while, this is the ideal time to reinvigorate your partnership. Have fun!

Watch out for Jupiter turning retrograde, however, also on Thursday. This influence could increase your forgetfulness and make you feel more inhibited about what you should or should not say to others.


Don’t take any foolish risks with money on Monday. Venus and Jupiter square up to one another, making you much more gullible than usual or more likely to fall for a con trick.

The New Moon on Thursday occurs in your wellbeing zone and is a beautiful time to kick a bad habit, once and for all. Focus on positive goals and holistic wellness, taking good care of your mental and spiritual health, as well as your body.

Jupiter turns retrograde on Thursday in your finance zone, but this could be a helpful influence for re-assessing exactly how much money you truly need; you’ll find that it’s much less than you think.

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