This Nigerian Student Converted His VW Beetle Into A Wind & Solar Powered Car!

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Segun Oyeyiola, a student at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, had a genius idea for his commute. He converted his Volkswagen Bettle into a clean-energy machine by installing a wind turbine in the hood and a solar panel on the top. No more fuel needed here! All together, the retrofit was $6,000.

In an email to Co.Exist, Oyeyiola, said “I wanted to reduce carbon dioxide emission[s] going to our atmosphere that lead to climate change or global warming which has become a new reality, with deleterious effect: seasonal cycles are disrupted, as are ecosystems; and agriculture, water needs and supply, and food production are all adversely affected. Therefore, I came up of building a car that will use both winds and solar energy for its movement. This was my personal project because of the problem I’m planning to solve.”

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Some engineers were stunned by the accomplishment. Dr. John Preston of McMaster University’s engineering physics department says hes never seen anything like it.

“If you could find a way to use both wind and solar in the same vehicle, that would be a marvelous thing. Using wind and solar means you wouldn’t have to drive just during daylight hours. If he has figured a way to do it, that would be quite remarkable,” Preston said.