This Optical Illusion Disappears When You Stare At It, How Long Does It Take You?

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Did you know that your eyes could be your greatest enemy? They can deceive you and completely distort your reality….or in this case completely make it disappear. We tend to select focus and lose sight of the rest of the details in our environment. We miss what’s important because we are too preoccupied with what’s within direct sight. But why?

The longer you stare at the picture below, the more it will disappear right in front of your eyes like a magic trick! See for yourself.

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A Viral Illusion

An eye-care practice in Horsham, Pennsylvania, shared an optical illusion on their Twitter account that’s likely making lots of people wonder if they should be booking an appointment.

close up of green eye dilated
Bruno Henrique / Pexels
Bruno Henrique / Pexels

The entire image disappears after about 30 seconds if you focus on just one fixed point. For optimal results, you might want to turn your brightness up. The photo is raising questions on what makes perception and if perception and reality are the same things. it seems like we’re all living in our own little world, with blinders that only allow us to see what we’re fixated on at that moment.