This Stranger Gave Mom A Note About Her "Rowdy" Son. She Was Stunned By What Happened Next!

In celebration of Labor Day, Ashley England took her family out to dinner. Bringing a kid to a restaurant is exceptionally difficult, but Ashley is happy to bring her boy with special needs out and about, even if it is challenging.

8-year-old Riley was getting a little rowdy in the restaurant because, you know, he's 8. He started throwing things, yelling, and Ashley knew he was bugging people around them. Riley suffers epilepsy, which causes him seizures.

Not long after, when Ashley's waitress approached the table, she expected to hear a complaint about Riley, but it wasn't so. The waitress had a note in her hand.

“I’ll try to do this without crying,” the waitress said. “Another customer has paid for your bill tonight and wanted me to give you this note.”

It read: “God only gives special children to special people.”

Watch Ashley and her family talk about this special moment below:

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