This Is The Zodiac’s Most Multi-Faceted Sign, and Why Its Electric Nature Pushes It To The Top

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There is a very specific series of traits, characteristics, and qualities that sets a person up for success. While we’re all capable of success, there is one sign that has the advantage of coming out on top if they can harness their natural abilities. This is thanks to its multifaceted nature that gives it an edge across multiple aspects. It’s able to pull strengths from different streams and combine it to push forward. Does that sound like you? Find out if you belong to the zodiac we’re talking about!

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Ahead Of Its Times

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Victor Miyata / Pexels

Victor Miyata / Pexels

While most people fear change and are uncomfortable with the unknown, this sign not only embraces it but actually anticipates it and purposely chases it. It loves to experiment and try new things, often discovering new and better ways of doing things. They like to think outside the box and have no problem coming off as “different.” In fact, their”avant-garde” approach to life is what makes them leaders, and innovators.

It helps them stand out and take ownership of their ideas. Suddenly the difference that was setting them apart becomes the space that sets them ahead of others. While others don’t understand them, it’s because they are simply ahead of their time.

Always Moving Foward

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Arturo Castaneyra / Unsplash

Arturo Castaneyra / Unsplash

This sign is ruled by the Water Bearer and is represented by an aquatic balance. This puts it in a state of flow that is always moving. If you think of the ocean, the water within never remains stagnant. No matter the weather, if calm or if stormy, the waves still push forward, even if at a different speed or intensity. Even when the waves reach the shore, they don’t stop there as their ultimate destination. They reach just far enough to touch the sand, and then go back into the ocean, on to the next place.

In that same sense, this sign doesn’t let the past or the bad stormy times keep it held back. Its personality is easy-going and receptive because it’s focused on the bigger picture. The sign understands that the world is too big to dwell on the same things. They’re able to see beyond the present moment, making them archetypal outsiders or eclectics of the zodiac.

Learns From Past Mistakes, Without Dwelling

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Los Muertos Crew / Pexels

Los Muertos Crew / Pexels

This sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranus making it naturally introspective. This sign’s superpower is in its reflective ability. This doesn’t mean simply ignoring the bad times or hard experiences and moving on. Rather to them, it means looking back on them to see what went wrong and learn from it. This kind of reflection protects them as they’re able to move forward knowing how to avoid the same mistakes. With each new experience, they become stronger and wiser, bringing them closer to their future utmost potential.

Saturn is the planet of time and also the ruler of Capricorn. Uranus, discovered around the same time as electricity, is the planet of insights, revelations, and revolutions. The sign is able to channel these powerful sources into efficient energy, keeping a high and positive vibration even during the hard times.

Both Clear Thinking And Creative

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Caleb+Kaci Carson / Pexels

Caleb+Kaci Carson / Pexels

This sign thrives in the winter. This sign’s season comes in the middle of winter, meaning that even when it’s cold and gloomy outside and thoughts are at risk of being clouded with darkness on short days, this sign is at its peak and is able to find clarity. During the winter months, while most are hibernating, this sign is going through revelations, peeling its layers to blossom upon spring.

This sign’s opposite sign is Leo, a fire sign. It’s able to draw from its energy to balance out fire and ice. This water’s sign logical introspective nature is then in play with Leo’s creative fiery energy, giving it the best of both worlds. Logic can’t rule alone, and creativity by itself can be chaotic. Those who are most successful in life are able to balance both.

Have You Guessed Who? It’s Aquarius

Aquarius symbol in purple and pink background

Allexxandar / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Allexxandar / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

We’re talking about Aquarius, a sign that is equally innovative as it is sensitive. It’s quite self-aware and full of ideas. Except it doesn’t stop there, this sign actually goes after their ideas and manifests them into reality. They’re motivated by the big picture and won’t let small obstacles along the way hold them back.

They have the advantage of not being afraid of the future and embracing change. This allows them to grow and evolve even when facing the unknown because they want to level up. This allows them to always move forward in life and easily come out on top.

For All Zodiacs: Keep The Big Picture In Mind

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Hermann / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Hermann / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

​The traits discussed here don’t have to apply to Aquarius alone. In fact, we’re actually all capable of achieving them. While Aquarius has a natural tendency to lean towards these traits with less effort, they should be representative of the way all Zodiacs should thrive to live. The key is in balance and growth. Rather than dwell on the past and stay stuck within it, we should all only stay long enough in the past to learn from it, then let it go.

By releasing what no longer serves us but retaining the tools those experiences equipped us with, we can keep our eyes on the prize and keep moving forward towards the bigger picture.

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Juststock / Getty Images Pro Via Canva Pro

Juststock / Getty Images Pro Via Canva Pro

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