This Tiny Cube Looks Strange On The Outside, But The Inside Will Blow You Away!

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The dream of owning a big house is becoming more and more attainable. On average, houses built are about 2,600 square feet. Sounds great, right? But what a lot of people are learning upon moving into them is that they cost an arm and a leg not just to pay for, but to furnish and keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Problems like those have people looking a little bit smaller.

This loft-style tiny home, developed by Werner Aisslinger, seeks to provide expensive amenities in a smaller, loft-style setting. He calls it Loft Cube, and it’s pretty rad.

Originally, Werner wanted to create a rooftop community on top of a building in Berlin. He saw tons of empty space and plenty of potential. What he designed was a 430 square foot space that just about anyone could afford, coming in at $40,000. It’s modern, sleek, and comfortable.

Its interior features everything you would expect to find in a home, like a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The home is off grid, portable, run by renewable energy, and is “smart,” meaning the entire home can be controlled by a central panel.

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