This Week’s Emotional Horoscope, Boasts Two Zodiac Changes, Impacting All Zodiacs’ Cosmic Energy

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This week’s astrological energies are relatively serene, especially under the influence of the spiritual Pisces New Moon on Wednesday. This is emotional but pure and loving cosmic energy, packed with compassion and deeper meaning. It’s a very good time to investigate your own spiritual qualities.

Meanwhile, the week boasts two zodiac sign changes, both on Sunday, when Venus and Mars both move into Aquarius. For Venus this is a slightly aloof influence over our love lives; kind, but detached. Mars’ transit through Aquarius, on the other hand, is very meaningful. Expect to feel driven to make a difference to our collective humanity, perhaps through some kind of charity work.

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You’ll reach a new level of spiritual understanding during this week’s New Moon, Aries. You may notice an increase in weird or even paranormal events in the run-up to Wednesday, so keep your eyes and ears open, and don’t be too quick to dismiss any experiences you have. There is much wisdom here for you to learn from, but first, you have to hear the message.

Sunday’s zodiac sign changes for Venus and Mars usher in a very humanitarian and sociable vibe for you. Prepare for this by renewing old friendships late in the week, and indeed finding some new ones too. A new tribe awaits you, and with this new group of like-minded souls, you will make a lot of progress.