Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here, Lookout For A Move Away From Conflict Into Gentle Pisces

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This week has all the astrological hallmarks of progress, but to get the most from these energies, we’re going to need to stay focused on reality. Flights of fancy and excess idealism simply won’t work, particularly early in the week when Mars and Saturn join forces.

On Tuesday, Venus changes signs and moves into gentle, compassionate Pisces, helping us to focus on kindness rather than conflict. The middle of the week is a good time for romance and sensitivity, and for showing care and concern to those who need it the most. On Sunday, when Mercury moves into sensible, grounded Taurus, step-by-step thinking will help to solve stubborn issues.

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Think about your long-term objectives on Monday, Aries – what is it that holds you back from getting to where you want to be? You have an opportunity this week to work on solving those issues, but don’t get distracted by wishful thinking.

A sense of spirituality will help you mid-week, so it’s worth spending some time meditating or simply allowing your higher consciousness to be heard.

When Mercury changes signs on Sunday and moves into the money zone of your natal birth chart, you will get a much clearer idea of how best to handle any financial issues that have been bothering you.