Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here, Lookout For A Move Away From Conflict Into Gentle Pisces

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This week has all the astrological hallmarks of progress, but to get the most from these energies, we’re going to need to stay focused on reality. Flights of fancy and excess idealism simply won’t work, particularly early in the week when Mars and Saturn join forces.

On Tuesday, Venus changes signs and moves into gentle, compassionate Pisces, helping us to focus on kindness rather than conflict. The middle of the week is a good time for romance and sensitivity, and for showing care and concern to those who need it the most. On Sunday, when Mercury moves into sensible, grounded Taurus, step-by-step thinking will help to solve stubborn issues.

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Think about your long-term objectives on Monday, Aries – what is it that holds you back from getting to where you want to be? You have an opportunity this week to work on solving those issues, but don’t get distracted by wishful thinking.

A sense of spirituality will help you mid-week, so it’s worth spending some time meditating or simply allowing your higher consciousness to be heard.

When Mercury changes signs on Sunday and moves into the money zone of your natal birth chart, you will get a much clearer idea of how best to handle any financial issues that have been bothering you.


It’s your career ideals that are in focus first thing this week, Taurus, and you may feel frustrated that things are not moving as quickly as you would like, especially when Mars and Saturn meet up on Monday. Patience is key here.

On Tuesday, Venus moves into Pisces, the social zone of your natal birth chart, so midweek is a good time for socializing and sharing your thoughts and aspirations with your core group of friends. Someone may have advice for you; listen, if you don’t act.

Mercury will move into Taurus on Sunday, boosting your powers of focus and concentration, so make the most of this energy for catching up with long overdue tasks, detailed, meticulous work and any kind of studying.


Your itchy feet are very restless early this week, Gemini, especially if you have been frustrated over travel plans recently. The dynamics between Mars and Saturn provide a push-pull, rather unsettling influence that leaves you not quite sure that’s going on.

Focus on work, if you can, especially once Venus moves into Pisces, the career zone of your natal birth chart on Tuesday. This is a time for piling on your natural charm and for using your excellent soft skills to get ahead with your ambitions.

Your ruling planet Mercury changes signs on Sunday and moves into the most spiritual area of your chart. Don’t be surprised if vivid dreams or sudden psychic insights come out of the blue – listen to what the cosmos is telling you.

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Monday’s meetup of Mars and Saturn may prove highly frustrating for you on a personal level, Cancer, especially if you have been trying to deal with psychological trauma or following a self-help path recently. Don’t let this put you off; it’s a momentary setback, not a permanent failure.

Venus in Pisces brings you fresh optimism on Tuesday and you’ll feel especially empowered if you can get out of your normal comfort zone for a while. Visit somewhere new, especially somewhere naturally beautiful, and soak up the vibes.

Friendships will help you too this week, and when Mercury moves into this area of your natal birth chart on Sunday you’ll discover that a worry shared can indeed be a worry halved. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others.


Mars and Saturn combine forces in your love zone on Monday, Leo, in what could prove to be a very stubborn and heated atmosphere. Fortunately, with Venus moving into your passion zone on Tuesday, it looks like sensuality and intimacy will win the day – but you must listen to your lover carefully.

Romance and your love life are likely to dominate your attention for much of the rest of the week too, hopefully for good reasons. On Sunday, however, Mercury changes signs and moves into your partnership zone – at this point, you may find that your non-romantic partnerships, such as business relationships, become increasingly important.


The early part of this week could prove tough in terms of organization and simply being able to get things done, Virgo. Mars and Saturn create a blocking pattern on Monday, but your perseverance is strong, so keep on keeping on and you will see progress eventually.

On Tuesday, loving Venus sweeps into the romance zone of your natal birth chart, making this the perfect time for dating or creating special memories in your existing relationship.

There are hints of travel and adventure here too, especially on Sunday when Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into your exploration zone. Perhaps it’s time to say yes to an opportunity you’ve been considering.

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Have you been feeling stuck in a rut recently, Libra? Your efforts to ring the changes have been admirable, and on Monday, Mars and Saturn join forces to allow you that extra push – you may enjoy a breakthrough of some kind.

Look to the arrival of Venus in Pisces, your wellbeing zone, on Tuesday for increasing peace of mind, as well as the will to look after yourself better – both mentally and physically. You’ll start to settle into the changes you’ve made, so life becomes less stressful and more enjoyable.

Mercury’s arrival in the most psychologically sensitive part of your natal birth chart on Sunday is a good sign too – this would be an ideal influence for talking therapies of any kind.


Family tensions may peak on Monday when Mars and Saturn create a push-pull energy which ultimately results in a stalemate. Try to look at family issues from a purely practical standpoint, Scorpio, if you hope to make progress.

On Tuesday, Venus changes signs and moves into Pisces, your pleasure zone – perfect for intimate encounters with your lover, or indeed for dating someone new and exciting. With Mercury also on the move, arriving in your love zone on Sunday, try to blend open and honest communication with a passionate approach to love. The more you and your partner talk, the closer you will become.


You may find it difficult to get your point across on Monday, Sagittarius, due to the highly charged but frustrating energy of the Mars-Saturn meetup. Putting something in writing may be a better bet than trying to convince someone verbally.

There’s very good news for family matters on Tuesday, however, when gentle, loving Venus spreads a calming and soothing balm across your family life. You can expect even the most difficult of relatives to become easier to handle at this point, and a renewed sense of togetherness is very pleasant and healing.

Shift your focus back to everyday work and routines on Sunday, when Mercury changes signs. This is ‘get on with it’ astrological energy, which will help you tie up loose ends.

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Financial matters are in focus when Mars and Saturn join forces on Monday, Capricorn. This could be the astrological push you need to get a project over the line, so don’t give up too easily.

Venus changes signs and moves into your neighborhood zone on Tuesday; you can channel this very compassionate and sensitive energy into a local humanitarian or charity project – or simply make a point of checking on your vulnerable neighbors.

Mercury’s arrival in the play zone of your natal birth chart on Sunday marks an excellent moment for having some fun. Stretch your mind with challenging games or puzzles or visit an escape room venue to test your skills!


Mars and Saturn join forces in Aquarius on Monday, Aquarius, and this can be a key moment in your week. Focus on one objective and do not take no for an answer – this energy provides you with ways to go around, under, over or through obstacles.

Venus, meanwhile, is set to leave Aquarius on Tuesday and arrives in Pisces, the values zone of your natal birth chart. Watch out for overspending on comfort luxuries, food or drink – you’ll need to keep an eye on your budget this week.

Something attracts you to your past as the week moves on, and Sunday, in particular, would be a very good day for exploring your family history or indeed your past lives. Mercury in this area of your natal birth chart encourages your curiosity and helps you make intelligent sense of what you find.


Don’t be surprised if you feel a little bit creatively blocked on Monday, Pisces; Mars and Saturn are playing heavy-handed games in your consciousness zone, but this will pass.

Venus moves into Pisces on Tuesday, giving you free reign to be your most loving, selfless, compassionate self. You can set an example for others now, so be the light you were born to be.

You’ll find it easier to lead and to inspire others after Sunday – this is when Mercury changes signs and arrives in the communication zone of your natal birth chart. Your words will have power at this point, and you truly can make a difference through what you say and how you say it.

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