This Week’s Horoscope Calms Down, Here’s How Each Zodiac’s Energy Centers Into Healing

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This is a much more festive-feeling week than last week, with less tension in the air and considerably more good will. The change in energy is heralded by two sign changes on Monday: Mars shifts into optimistic Sagittarius and Mercury moves into calm, centered Capricorn.

The feel-good factor prevails for most of the week, including Saturday’s sociable, merry-making Full Moon in Gemini – this lunation trines Jupiter for an added dose of generosity and warmth.

Expect a subtle shift towards a more melancholy air when Venus turns retrograde on Sunday, however. It’s only natural to feel some nostalgia and regrets at this time of the year but be careful not to allow it to derail your cherished moments.

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Mars activates your adventure zone on Monday, so this is an excellent week for travel, new opportunities and new past-times. Meanwhile, Mercury moves into your career zone, helping you to stay focused even while the festivities approach – in fact, you could steal a march on the competition by being innovative around this time.

Saturday’s Full Moon is a wonderful time for a party or for catching up with old friends. You’ll want to mix and mingle as much as possible, so get out there and share the feel-good factor with those around you.

When Venus turns retrograde in your career zone on Sunday, double-check that your current values align well with your current career path.


With Mars moving into your passion zone on Monday, you can expect the temperature in love to be hot, spicy and memorable this week. Meanwhile, Mercury arrives in your philosophy zone, so you’ll enjoy an intellectual challenge too.

Saturday’s Full Moon should see excellent news about money, career or both areas of your life. The trine from this Full Moon to Jupiter is all about abundance, and your sign is one of the most skilled at manifestation, so use this to your advantage.

When Venus turns retrograde in your adventure zone, you’ll want to stick close to home this weekend – surround yourself with the things and people you love the most.


Mars moves into your love zone on Monday, increasing passion and zest in love, but also increasing jealousy, anger and competitiveness. It could be an interesting week in your relationship! Mercury arrives in your debt zone, so be sure to repay emotional debts this week.

The Full Moon in Gemini is a tremendous moment of excitement and adventure for you, so grab these energies with both hands. There’s magic around you, and if you can bottle this feeling and take it into 2022, you’ll be well placed to manifest your desires.

When Venus turns retrograde in your passion zone on Sunday, however, you may first have to answer some awkward questions from a former lover.

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Mars moves into your health zone on Monday, making this a great time to redouble your keep fit efforts or your attempts to sort out your mental health. Focus on whatever increases your wellbeing. Meanwhile, with Mercury moving into your love zone, it’s a good week for sharing your deepest wishes with your partner.

The Full Moon in your spiritual zone is deeply healing, especially as it is trine Jupiter in your emotional debt zone. Take time out to thank those who have shown you love during your darkest times. Pay it forward by being there for someone else.

When Venus turns retrograde in your love zone on Sunday, it’s a chance to spend quiet time with your partner, reaffirming your commitment to one another.


Mars moves into your joy zone on Monday, so you’re most definitely up for a party and some fun times this week. So much so, in fact, that you may have trouble concentrating at work – although with Mercury moving into your daily routines zone, you can probably mask any mistakes or mishaps.

The Full Moon on Saturday occurs in your social zone and reminds you of the value of good friends. With this lunation trine Jupiter in your love zone, it would be a very good time for a double date with dear friends.

Venus turns retrograde in your routines zone on Sunday, however, which may bring you feelings of chaos or disorganization. Create a schedule for the rest of December so you feel more in control.


Mars moves into your family zone on Monday. This helps put some festive buzz and energy into your household, but it also increases competitiveness within the family – don’t turn the festive season into an all-out battle. At the same time, Mercury moves into your creativity zone, so you’ll enjoy decorating your home beautifully.

The Full Moon on Saturday in your career zone trines Jupiter, making this a standout day for work. Your confidence is growing, so even if you are not working on that day, carry that energy forward and showcase your talents at the very next opportunity.

Venus turning retrograde in your risk zone on Sunday warns against dating at this time if you’re single. Hang tight for a couple of weeks until this energy clears.

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With Mars moving into the busiest zone of your chart, you can bet that you’ll have enough to keep you on your toes this week. You’re probably in demand everywhere, with little time for yourself – although with Mercury arriving in your family zone, at least you’re getting a hand with some intelligent scheduling choices.

The Full Moon highlights a certain restlessness within you and the trine to Jupiter reminds you that life is for living, right here, right now. It’s a good time to abandon plans and routines and to enjoy something spontaneous.

Venus turns retrograde in your family zone on Sunday, which could lead to the reappearance of a former lover, or perhaps some unresolved emotional trauma from your past.


Mars arrives in your money zone on Monday, which is great news if you need to earn some extra money, perhaps from a side hustle. Mercury is also on the move, into your communication zone, so you’ll be great at selling, marketing and persuasion.

Away from business, the Full Moon on Saturday falls in your self-improvement zone and is trine Jupiter in your family zone. This is likely to be an emotional moment for you when you understand that others think you are perfect just how you are. You do not have to change.

Venus turns retrograde in your communication zone on Sunday, so you may find yourself being less tactful for a while and more blunt – but that could be a very good thing, depending on who you’re dealing with.


With Mars powering into your sign on Monday, you’re packed full of energy, zing and enthusiasm for the week ahead. Mercury moves into your money zone, so hopefully you’ll be able to afford to party or to enjoy your favorite hobbies – all that energy has to go somewhere!

Saturday’s Full Moon is in your love zone, trine Jupiter – this is a wonderful and perhaps highly emotional opportunity to heal a relationship and to let someone know how much you really do care for them. Don’t miss this chance; the cosmos is on your side.

With Venus turning retrograde in your money zone on Sunday, it’s time to curtail all that impulse spending now, and start to adopt a more responsible approach to your finances.

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With Mars shifting into your privacy zone on Monday, you’re not at your most sociable – and yet with Mercury arriving in your own sign, you are very communicative. Get the best of both worlds with zoom calls or phone calls from the privacy of your own home.

Saturday’s Full Moon is in your everyday work zone and may highlight an error or a mistake you’ve made recently. However, with this lunation trine Jupiter in your money zone, don’t panic – it will all work out for the very best in the end.

Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn on Sunday, which is another indicator that you need a bit of privacy. Cuddle up with your partner or your pets and simply chill out. Ignore the pressure to socialize.


Mars moves into your social zone on Monday, which puts you in the mood for a festive party – but also in the mood to fall out with everyone there. Try to think before you speak! Fortunately, with Mercury arriving in your spiritual zone, you may sense better what you should or should not say before the words actually emerge.

Saturday’s Full Moon is in your joy zone, trine Jupiter in your own sign – this is a red-letter moment, and a point of sheer delight in your year. Whatever you’re doing, put your heart and soul into it and let your passion shine.

When Venus turns retrograde in your privacy zone on Sunday, you’ll want to retreat for a little while, so get your fill of festive partying before then.


Mars arrives in your ambitions zone on Monday – festive break? What festive break? You’re all for powering ahead while others are partying, and you can see great success at work this week. With Mercury moving into your social zone though you won’t want to miss out on socializing altogether – try to find a balance.

The Full Moon is in your family zone and could feel intensely emotional as feelings are let loose. However, the trine to Jupiter in your spiritual zone is extremely healing, so don’t lose heart. People’s emotions are better out than in.

With Venus turning retrograde in your social zone on Sunday, it’s not the best time for seeking a new tribe; be grateful for your existing friendships and let people know how much they mean to you.

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