This Week’s Horoscope Could Spiral Out Of Control, Here’s How Each Zodiac Can Discern Right From Wrong

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This week starts well enough, with a productive sextile between Mars and Pluto on Monday, helping to push projects over the line when it counts.

However, a tense and angry square between Mars and Jupiter on Wednesday could easily spiral out of control, fast. Mars is warrior energy, but Jupiter is very self-righteous too, so it’s not easy to discern right from wrong at this time.

Look to the weekend for a softer vibe. The Venus-Pluto conjunction has a sense of fated compassion around it; it’s almost inevitable that someone’s shift will stance and that a kinder, more gentle solution can be found.

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Attend to financial matters on Monday, Aries, as you should find that the Mars-Pluto sextile helps you to get the backing or support you need, especially in business.

When Mars clashes with Jupiter mid-week, however, it’s emotional debts that are your major concern, especially if someone has taken you for granted or has been using you. You may feel victimized and extremely angry – take care not to over-react during this very volatile energy.

You’ll feel calmer when Venus conjuncts Pluto over the weekend. Focus on how far you’ve come and leave feelings of bitterness behind. Your task now is to look to the future and beyond.