This Week’s Horoscope Has Romantic Energy And Intense Emotions, Find Out How Moody Your Zodiac Will Get

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Expect some moodiness and intense emotions early this week, under the influence of the potent Scorpio Moon. The middle of the week provides both dreamy and romantic energy, courtesy of Venus and Neptune, and some intellectual struggles, as Mercury and Uranus clash. Once the Capricorn Moon settles the energy down, however, it will be a weekend for making solid, constructive progress.

The key all week will be to keep talking, whether you’re sharing your ideas with your lover or trying to get agreement for a major, innovative new project – communication is the underlying glue that will bring success this week.

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Idealism is a key theme at work and in your career at the moment, Aries, so you’ll want to use this week’s energies to ensure that your everyday work is aligned with your core authenticity.

Keep an eye on a social situation on Thursday which could quickly turn unfriendly due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. If your current friends don’t really share your values or political views, astrology suggests that could be a flashpoint. It’s important that you are free to speak your views but try to find a way to incorporate tact and respect.

The weekend energies are great for working on your reputation, image or portfolio in some way. Showcase who you are and what you can do.