This Week’s Horoscope Has Romantic Energy And Intense Emotions, Find Out How Moody Your Zodiac Will Get

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Expect some moodiness and intense emotions early this week, under the influence of the potent Scorpio Moon. The middle of the week provides both dreamy and romantic energy, courtesy of Venus and Neptune, and some intellectual struggles, as Mercury and Uranus clash. Once the Capricorn Moon settles the energy down, however, it will be a weekend for making solid, constructive progress.

The key all week will be to keep talking, whether you’re sharing your ideas with your lover or trying to get agreement for a major, innovative new project – communication is the underlying glue that will bring success this week.

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Idealism is a key theme at work and in your career at the moment, Aries, so you’ll want to use this week’s energies to ensure that your everyday work is aligned with your core authenticity.

Keep an eye on a social situation on Thursday which could quickly turn unfriendly due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. If your current friends don’t really share your values or political views, astrology suggests that could be a flashpoint. It’s important that you are free to speak your views but try to find a way to incorporate tact and respect.

The weekend energies are great for working on your reputation, image or portfolio in some way. Showcase who you are and what you can do.


Expect to get caught up in the excitement and magic of planning a big event, a journey, a vacation or a celebration. You’re deeply inspired this week, Taurus, especially on Thursday, and having something major to look forward to will keep your motivation strong in the coming months.

Be aware, however, that a clash between Mercury and Uranus this week pits you and your ideas against authority figures, especially at work. You may have to fight to get your voice heard and to have your ideas given a fair chance. Perhaps you’re simply too ahead of your time at the moment.


You may sense this week that career advancement is possible, but it will come at some personal cost – for instance, it may involve longer hours, or working away from home, sacrificing your family time. Only you can know whether it’s worth it or not, Gemini, but you should at least give the opportunity serious consideration.

On Thursday, a clash between Mercury and Uranus finds you challenging the status quo in some way, or uncovering secrets. Essentially, you have something to say, and someone else has a vested interest in you not saying it. Stick to your guns and be calm, precise and confident when you speak.

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This light-hearted week has some truly romantic moments for you to enjoy, Cancer, especially on Thursday when Venus and Neptune join forces in a sustained show of magic and fantasy. It’s a very good time for making memories to cherish.

There are good energies for social encounters too this week. Get back in touch with old friends from your past or your childhood. Don’t be surprised, however, if deeply held or even unconscious trauma rears its head in a social interaction. Astrology suggests someone may push your buttons suddenly and out of the blue. Stay calm; they probably didn’t even realize they were doing it.


Treat yourself this week, Leo. There doesn’t have to be any particular reason – just indulge in more of whatever makes you feel good. A magical aspect between Venus and Neptune encourages escapism and healthy fantasy too, whether in your love life or in your everyday emotional wellbeing. No harm in some positive daydreaming.

Watch out for a conflict between your family life and your work commitments, however, especially on Thursday. Good communication is the key to avoiding bad feelings at home; keep your partner fully informed and on board with your work-related plans. Even if they’re not happy about it, they will at least understand what you’re doing and why.


Romance gets a boost from Venus and Neptune this week – especially if your relationship is relatively new. This is an interesting time to move from the dating phase into something more serious, Virgo, but keep your eyes open and your feet on the ground, because this romantic influence, although lovely, is not altogether realistic at times.

Difficulties may arise at work on Thursday or later in the week, especially if you travel a lot for work or have to work remotely. You’ll need plenty of patience. Plan well ahead if you can, to minimize any disruption on a day when clear communication matters.

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Get to grips with practical family matters early in the week if you can, Libra, because Thursday’s Venus-Neptune interaction is a bit too dreamy and vague to be helpful in this area. Astrology suggests this is a great influence for design ideas and daydreams, but not so great for actually getting anything done!

Meanwhile, this is not a week to take any unnecessary risks. The Mercury-Uranus square on Thursday cautions against anything underhand too, especially in love. If anything illicit is going on, you may not be able to keep it under wraps once this influence hits – so be prepared to face the consequences of any secret coming to light.

Otherwise, this is a helpful week for money matters, especially on Monday and Tuesday. If you’ve been struggling financially, a change of mindset will help.


Artistic and creative vibes are strong for you this week, Scorpio, especially when Venus interacts with Neptune. This is a very good vibe for getting your ideas and thoughts out into the world, whether that’s through writing, art, song, dance or crafts. Let your heart pour out via your own creative streak.

Within the family, however, tensions may rise on Thursday, when Mercury squares Uranus. It seems that a blood family member may be at odds with your partner in some way, and you may be asked to take sides. Never a win-win situation. Tread carefully and tactfully but remember that you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness.


Family values are important to your mindset this week, Sagittarius, and you’ll want to do all that you can to create a loving, warm and nurturing environment at home. Stay cozy at home early in the week, until the Moon moves into Sagittarius – midweek you’ll feel more sociable and willing to spread your wings.

Take care with communication on Thursday, when Mercury squares up to Uranus. You’re probably trying to rush things, and this means you’re not being as clear as you think you are. Slow down, say it several times if necessary, and make sure everyone understands you. Seek clarification from others too, if you find their words confusing.

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You’re starting this week in a very friendly and sociable frame of mind, Capricorn, so it’s a good time for getting to know new friends. Midweek, when Venus sextiles Neptune, your communication skills will get a boost of inspiration too, so you’ll be able to persuade others to back your plans and projects.

Be careful with money matters on Thursday, however. The Mercury-Uranus square warns about shocks and surprises with money, especially if you’ve taken a financial risk, or if you haven’t been clear over the small print in an agreement. Seek expert advice if you need it; don’t be tempted to think you have all the answers.


After a busy start to the week at work, Aquarius, you’ll be looking for some downtime later in the week. A beautiful contact between Venus and Neptune on Thursday is helpful for this and will increase the benefit you feel from meditation or visualization.

There could be some unpleasant surprises in your family life around that time, however, courtesy of a difficult aspect between Mercury and Uranus. It’s important to communicate clearly, so try to avoid speaking in anger or off the top of your head on an important issue. Conflict with an awkward family member is much more likely if you’re acting on impulse.

Look to the weekend for a proper chance to relax and unwind.


The start of the week is energetic and lively, Pisces, especially if you are traveling or would like to travel. There’s a very friendly vibe around you too, and you’ll enjoy making new friends, as well as new professional allies at work. On Thursday look for someone who resonates with you on a professional level but who could quickly become a close friend and trusted ally.

Astrology suggests communication issues may plague you midweek, however, and it’s Thursday again which is the key date for this as Mercury squares Uranus. Take extra care with your online privacy at this time, as there’s a risk that someone could use something you’ve said against you.

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