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This Week's Horoscope Is A Point Of Balance Between Light And Dark For All Zodiacs, Here's How

Weekly Horoscopes: December 20-26, 2021

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The early part of this week is thoughtful – innovative, even, with a lovely Mercury-Uranus trine on Monday. Tuesday brings the solstice, that important point of balance between light and dark, and the arrival of the Sun into Capricorn.

However, the energies darken considerably later in the week, particularly during the third and final Saturn-Uranus square of the year on Friday. This is tumultuous energy, which on this occasion may well manifest as a battle between the old ways and the new. Expect efforts to change family traditions to be met with much hostility.

The situation brightens on Saturday, however, with the second Venus-Pluto conjunction in two weeks reminding us of the power of love and compassion. By the time Mercury sextiles Neptune on Sunday, we’re ready to forgive, forget and move on.

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You’re very conscious of your status in the world this week, Aries, especially following the Sun’s move into your status zone at the solstice. This puts pressure on you to be seen to be keeping up appearances during the festive season – don’t try to do the impossible.

The final Saturn-Uranus square of the year pits your ideals and goals against your financial resources – in other words, you may feel intensely frustrated that you’re not rich enough to simply follow your dreams. The key is in recognizing that money isn’t the be-all and end-all. Find a way to follow your path that doesn’t rely on riches.

Healing will come later in the week as you understand the links between your own ambitions and your spiritual pathway – this is what the Mercury-Neptune sextile on Sunday is here to show you.


Your entire year has been a journey of knowledge and learning, Taurus, but this week, in particular, as the Sun shifts into your learning zone at the solstice, you are keenly aware that you have so much more to learn, as do we all.

Your career, and how much it does or does not align with your true values, is again the focal point of tension during Friday’s final Saturn-Uranus square. You’re closer to being your authentic self, but there is still work to do here. Don’t let it derail your festivities.

Sunday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile will show you how your new knowledge can feed into new and refreshed objectives in life – be open-minded. It’s time for a new paradigm.


You can expect to feel very thoughtful and perhaps a little anxious this week, Gemini, as the Sun shifts into one of the most sensitive parts of your chart at the solstice. You’ll want to reflect on who you have become.

On Friday, during the final Saturn-Uranus square of the year, you may feel particularly stressed around fears and phobias that have been holding you back. It’s never too late to address this; make a resolution for 2022, with a concrete plan of action.

Sunday’s inspirational Mercury-Neptune sextile should help to boost your confidence again, reminding you how far you have come in your career this year and helping you to look forward to the challenges ahead.

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As always, the solstice sees the arrival of the Sun in your love zone, Cancer, and by and large, this week should be pleasantly romantic, or pleasantly sociable if you’re single. You feel loved and valued, which counts for a lot.

However, Friday’s tense Saturn-Uranus square is intensely disruptive energy that challenges your self-confidence and makes you feel suspicious of those around you. Don’t allow these vague suspicions to get the better of you – give people the benefit of the doubt, now of all times.

By Sunday, the healing Mercury-Neptune sextile will show you how your love life can overcome any challenges, especially if you make a resolution to share new experiences together.


During the solstice, the Sun shifts to your health zone, Leo, and for a while the week moves ahead smoothly, with you feeling less stressed than normal and more able to enjoy the festivities.

Friday, however, is a whole different ball game. The final Saturn-Uranus square of the year is intensely angry and quite bitter too, and it centers around the year-long conflict you’ve been experiencing between your love life and your career. Recriminations may come thick and fast.

Hang on in there, because by Sunday the dust will have settled, and the healing Mercury-Neptune sextile will show you a way forwards, if you’re willing to compromise with your partner.


During the solstice, the Sun moves into your joy zone, Virgo, giving you an extra buzz of excitement around the forthcoming festivities. The first half of the week is creative and fun-loving, with lots of laughter.

However, your responsibilities are creeping up on you, and by Friday your tension will be ready to explode, mirrored in the extremely tense Saturn-Uranus square. You may feel very put upon or taken for granted, and yes, you should say so.

Fortunately, your anger and resentment soon passes, and by Sunday, when Mercury sextiles gentle Uranus, you’ll want to get close to your partner again with a delightful mix of magic and mystery.

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The focus is very much on family life during the early part of this week, Libra, especially when the solstice occurs, and the Sun moves into your family zone. Enjoy the run up to the festivities and see as many family members as you can.

Be aware, however, that bitterness, resentment, jealousy and infidelity may be exposed by the extreme tensions of the Saturn-Uranus square on Friday. This is very volatile energy and could bring much drama in its wake – if you allow it to.

However, by Sunday, a calmer air prevails. The Mercury-Neptune sextile is very helpful at settling down the family vibe and helping any warring parties find a compassionate, gentle way to heal their issues.


It’s a very busy week in the run-up to the festivities, Scorpio, and when the Sun moves into your busy zone at the solstice, you’ll certainly have a load on your plate. You’ll enjoy this, however, and there’s a real sense of purpose around much of your week.

However, the angry Saturn-Uranus square on Friday does unleash the full force of family tensions at the most inopportune time – particularly with regard to conflict between your blood family and your lover. Take a deep breath and hang on in there.

Once the flashpoint has passed, you can heal this. Look to Sunday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile for ideas on rekindling the romance with your partner and further deepening your connection.


During the solstice, the Sun shifts into your money zone, Sagittarius – but this area of your chart isn’t only about finance, it’s about values and emotional abundance too. Embody your best self in the run-up to the festivities and don’t be distracted from who you truly are.

When Saturn squares Uranus on Friday, tensions around your working life and your responsibilities may reach fever pitch. You feel as though you are pulled in a dozen different directions at once, and it simply isn’t fair; it really isn’t. But life rarely is.

Look ahead with more confidence, however, because by Sunday, the intellectual and spiritual sextiles between Mercury and Neptune shows you how you can create joy and abundance within the family, overcoming any negativity.

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As ever, the solstice finds the Sun moving into your sign, Capricorn, bringing with it a burst of confidence, vitality and authenticity. The first half of this week is likely to be a breeze, good for enjoying parties and family get-togethers, and for simply loving the season.

However, Friday’s extremely tense Saturn-Uranus square puts your entire value system at risk. You may feel forced to defend something you hold dear, and it may feel as though absolutely nobody is on your side. Stay calm; it’s not as bad as it feels.

Look to Sunday’s healing Mercury-Neptune sextile for a breath of fresh air. This energy shows you how you can bring spirituality into your everyday life via mindfulness or mediation, to stave off that awful feeling of being out of control.


As the solstice shifts the Sun into your spiritual zone, Aquarius, you’ll want to enjoy a relatively quiet week, with a focus on the true meaning of the festive season rather than all of the frivolous extras.

However, your very identity feels under threat on Friday during the last of this year’s extra-tense Saturn-Uranus squares. Barbed comments from family are painful at any time, let alone during the festive season, and it could feel very unpleasant indeed. Remember that you are enough; you are also never alone.

Help is at hand soon enough from Sunday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile, which shows you how your own values are still standing strong, no matter what mud is thrown at you. Hold your head up high and be proud of your authentic self.


With the Sun arriving in your social zone during the solstice, Pisces, the start of this week is sure to be fun, sociable and very busy. You’ll want to party if you can, or at the very least to enjoy some light-hearted moments.

However, guilt and vague fears and worries come surging to the fore on Friday, during the last of this year’s painful Saturn-Uranus squares. This is enough to put a damper on your festivities for sure, but it’s important not to take this feeling to heart. You’re allowed to have a bad day; it doesn’t mean you’re having a bad life.

Look to the influence of cherished friends on Sunday, when Mercury sextiles compassionate Neptune – those who care for you will rally around, helping you to look ahead with optimism and confidence once more.

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The Four Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Husbands

Women give a lot of time and thought to their idea of the best husband. Most would agree that he must be caring, loyal, attentive, understanding, and independent. No woman is looking to marry a man-child who is just looking for someone to mother him while he contributes the bare minimum. The tricky part is that most men are skilled at charming women into thinking that they will give them the world only to later find out that this was nothing but a facade, an idea they presented but had no intention of maintaining.

Luckily astrology has shown that some signs hold traits and characteristics within their core that naturally give them an advantage. Their personalities hold the traits of the best husbands.

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Aries: A Man On An Honest Mission

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Olya Kobruseva / Pexels

​Aries is the kind of man who steps up to the plate without waiting for an invitation. You don't need to ask him twice to take out the trash, because he loves to take charge and be proactive. When they're at their best, Aries men want to become the financial head of their family. They want to ensure that they are working independently to provide and care for the one they love to the best of their abilities.

What makes Aries men great husbands is that they take care of themselves first so that they can actually care for a partner. Sometimes this means that they'll avoid relationships and stay single for long periods of time before they feel like they're in the right place for marriage. However, they tend to be honest about where they are along their path and with their intentions, making them easy to trust and later upfront husbands. You usually don't have to play guessing games, as they'll lay out their cards for you straight on the table.

Leo: Carefree Nature

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Leo men usually have a carefree nature and are happy to do their own thing while letting their partner do theirs. They are easy to plan with and communicate with because they are just happy if you are happy. They're not the jealous type or the overprotective kind that needs you home by a certain time and feels the need to check your phone when you're not looking. The trusting and natural connection they build makes for healthy relationships where both partners are independent in their own ways but can unite in an equal partnership.

Leos are also known to be courageous. Their carefree nature allows them to take risks without overthinking the outcomes. They are likely to go out of their way to make the first moves and put in the effort. They will make their wives feel supported, protected, and lifted.

Virgo: Supportive And Thoughtout

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A Virgo man is husband material because he actually takes the time to think things through. He doesn't rush into relationships and commitments unless he truly feels that it is right. This means that once he chooses the woman he wants to marry, he becomes entirely loyal and dedicated to her. He's willing to work through the hard times and doesn't give up easily. He takes time during arguments to think of logical responses rather than fight in the heat of the moment.

Virgo men are good at providing validation and reminding their wives that they are loved and cared for. They take their hard work ethic with them in their relationships because they understand that love is a muscle that needs to be trained in order to keep functioning at a healthy level. When Virgo men make a promise, they keep it forever.

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Taurus: Protective Of The Heart

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Anthony Tran / Unsplash

​A Taurus man is both caring and loyal. He is the kind of husband who will always reassure you that he's on your team. He wants to face all your problems with you, not against you. You can count on him when you need support or even just a little help around the house. His reliability means that he always shows up, and remembers birthdays and anniversaries.

Taurus men have a great moral compass that easily guides them in their relationships. They hate to disappoint you so they go out of their way to make sure that you know how much they are trying to love you. Taurus is a romantic at heart, which makes him the ideal partner for a stable relationship that doesn't get comfortable and boring. From the moment he marries the woman he loves, he becomes protective of her heart

Cancer: A Lover Of Love

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Cancer men can't help but love everything about love. They can come off as needy but they are just craving to be loved the same intense, everything in, passionate way that they give love. They are emotional and sentimental making them some of the most romantic partners. They love to surprise their wives with flowers, or acts of service without being asked, just to see her smile at the end of the day.

They give a lot of affection and actually enjoy spending quality time with their wives. They are not confrontational and are great communicators. Marriages with them tend to be calm and patient because they don't let issues bottle up and talk calmly whenever there is an issue. They are genuinely kind and make caring partners.

Get Personal And Break The Cycle

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We don't blame you for being frustrated with dating but if you're struggling to find and keep a quality man click here to find out how to break the cycle. In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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