This Week’s Horoscope Is Restless, Pushing Zodiacs To Cautious Action

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Get ready for lots of ‘adulting’ this week, as the planets provide a very serious, responsible and hardworking vibe. It’s all about showing up, doing what you have to do – even when you don’t really want to – and putting your best foot forward.

Much of this influence stems from Mars, which leaves the freedom-loving, restless zodiac sign of Sagittarius and arrives in authoritarian Capricorn on Monday. Since Mars provides our drive and purpose, the drive this week is very much towards sensible, cautious, practical action.

On Tuesday, Mercury moves backward into Capricorn too, still retrograde. This firms up our thinking, which is helpful – but watch out for too much self-blame over lost opportunities from the past. Keep your focus on the here and now.

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Your ambitions soar this week, Aries – having Mars, your ruling planet, moving into your career zone on Monday is intensely motivating and you are definitely dreaming big dreams.

Try to think of practical steps towards achieving those ambitions though, rather than merely wishing for things to happen. Harness all that drive and energy with your own boldness and zest to win – this should be a brilliant combination of cosmic vibes for you.

When Mercury changes zodiac sign on Tuesday, however, make sure your communication at work is crystal clear, or misunderstandings could easily arise. It’s important to say what you mean and to mean what you say.