This Week’s Horoscope Is Restless, Pushing Zodiacs To Cautious Action

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Get ready for lots of ‘adulting’ this week, as the planets provide a very serious, responsible and hardworking vibe. It’s all about showing up, doing what you have to do – even when you don’t really want to – and putting your best foot forward.

Much of this influence stems from Mars, which leaves the freedom-loving, restless zodiac sign of Sagittarius and arrives in authoritarian Capricorn on Monday. Since Mars provides our drive and purpose, the drive this week is very much towards sensible, cautious, practical action.

On Tuesday, Mercury moves backward into Capricorn too, still retrograde. This firms up our thinking, which is helpful – but watch out for too much self-blame over lost opportunities from the past. Keep your focus on the here and now.

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Your ambitions soar this week, Aries – having Mars, your ruling planet, moving into your career zone on Monday is intensely motivating and you are definitely dreaming big dreams.

Try to think of practical steps towards achieving those ambitions though, rather than merely wishing for things to happen. Harness all that drive and energy with your own boldness and zest to win – this should be a brilliant combination of cosmic vibes for you.

When Mercury changes zodiac sign on Tuesday, however, make sure your communication at work is crystal clear, or misunderstandings could easily arise. It’s important to say what you mean and to mean what you say.


Getting itchy feet yet, Taurus? Mars blazes into the travel and learning zone of your natal birth chart on Monday, so you may well find yourself wanting to take a trip, a vacation or simply an outing to somewhere – anywhere – new.

This is a terrific week for starting a new course, qualification or training too because you’re primed and ready to expand your knowledge in many areas. Whether it’s for work or for your own pleasure, think about going back to school in some form.

Mercury’s change of sign on Tuesday will help if you’re already a student, as you’ll find that your thinking becomes more organized and less scattered for a time.


This is likely to be a deeply thought-provoking week for you, Gemini, which could throw up some dense emotional challenges. With Mars now moving into the passion area of your natal birth chart, it’s a heady time for your closest relationship – lots of sensuality for sure, but there’s a very fine line between passion and fury, and you may well find yourself crossing that line. Frequently.

Mercury, your ruler, is still retrograde, but changes signs backward on Tuesday and may start triggering feelings of guilt or anxiety, especially in matters of the heart. Try to be kind to yourself. You’re only human.

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Monday sees Mars charging into your love zone, Cancer, which is certainly interesting news if you’re single. It’s a good week for dating and meeting someone new, but watch out for coming on too strong with new people. Slow it down and show your softer side for best results.

In an existing relationship, Mars stirs up passion but also promotes rows, arguments and tantrums all around. A touchy week could therefore find you and your partner at loggerheads, but don’t panic; there’s nothing here to disrupt your overall path.

When Mercury changes signs on Tuesday, you’ll feel emotional and sentimental – share your feelings with your sweetheart, because this vulnerability can heal you.


Seems like you’re ready to shake up your work environment, and with Mars heading into this area of your chart on Monday, your colleagues may not know what’s hit them! This is ideal energy for making proactive, positive changes at work, but try to win hearts and minds rather than forcing through change aggressively.

It’s a good week for your health too, especially if you’re trying to get stuck into a new exercise regime. You’ll feel good the more you move your body, so dig into your willpower and keep going.

Mercury’s sign change on Tuesday is helpful for getting better organized at home and at work, but take care not to bottle up emotions you’re classing as ‘unhelpful’.


Get set for an exceptionally creative week, Virgo – fantastic news if you work in the arts, marketing, communications or design. Mars changes signs on Monday and bursts into your joy zone, so you’ll also feel much more light-hearted than normal, and ready to have some spontaneous fun.

Ditch the routines, just go with the flow. Be aware, however, that influence does also increase your desire to take risks. You’re naturally risk-averse, but that does mean that a sudden reckless urge can catch you by surprise – be careful.

Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, is still retrograde, but also shifts into your joy zone on Tuesday – this is your cue to spend some quality time alone, enjoying hobbies and doing more of whatever makes your heart sing.

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Focus on your domestic life this week if you can, Libra. Mars moves into your family zone on Monday, which is fantastic news if you’re trying to move home, or you’re in the middle of a house renovation project. All hands on deck to push ahead with it – make the most of this bundle of energy.

Mars can also bring raised tempers, however, which could be a concern within your family life. Allow people to let off steam, Libra, including yourself. A quick outburst of temper is better – within reason – than seething resentments left unsaid.

Mercury’s sign change on Tuesday is a calming influence on tempers anyway, so hopefully you can find a way to express conflict in a reasonably measured way.


It’s non-stop this week, Scorpio, with Mars arriving in one of the busiest areas of your natal birth chart on Monday. You may feel rushed off your feet with little to no time for yourself, but you’ll actually enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from getting so much done.

Having said that, Mars pushes you into a hurry, and in that hurry, you may say or do things you later regret. Try to keep your temper in check and count to ten before you let rip. You’ll be impatient and irritable at times, but that’s not a reason to lash out at others. Mercury’s zodiac sign change on Tuesday will moderate your communication a little bit, but you’ll still need to be aware of your words.


If money has been an issue recently, Sagittarius, you can look forward to some progress this week. Mars changes signs on Monday to move into your personal finance zone, driving you forward and motivating you to maximize your income and/or minimize your debt.

This influence also brings you added confidence in business or self-employment – perfect for winning new business or charming new clients.

When Mercury changes signs on Tuesday, however, you’ll start to wonder if your business goals are truly aligned with your inner values. If they’re not, you’ll have the chance to work on that this week. Start by maintaining the very highest of ethics in everything that you do in your working life.

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You can expect a huge upswing in energy this week, Capricorn, with Mars pushing into your sign on Monday and boosting your ambitions, your drive, your enthusiasm and your motivation. Whatever you’ve set your mind on doing, you’ll be able to do it faster and better than ever during this period.

Mars in your sign does bring out your slightly crabby temper though, and your irritable streak is definitely on show. Try to give other people both patience and the benefit of the doubt.

When Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn on Tuesday, you’ll gain greater insight into your own motivation, which should prove illuminating.


What you want more than anything this week is peace and quiet, Aquarius. Unfortunately, the world probably has other ideas. Mars changes signs on Monday and moves into your privacy and secrecy zone, so you might want to tone down your social life for a while. It’s OK to say no thanks to invitations from friends.

This area of the Aquarius natal birth chart also rules your spiritual growth, and when Mercury retrogrades backward here on Tuesday, you’ll feel very drawn towards inner exploration and the pursuit of your higher self. A past life regression session may be a good place to start if you’re seeking spiritual answers.


You have an overwhelming desire to be with others this week, Pisces – your social instincts are strong and if you’re normally a little bit lonely, this is a good push to find new friends or to say hello to new people. Mars’ arrival in your friendship zone on Monday is good news, by and large, although it does mean that others might find you slightly pushy at times.

Mercury changes signs on Tuesday and retrogrades back into this area of your chart too. Use this time to think carefully about what you really want from a friendship, Pisces, and what you can offer in return. Life’s too short to waste time with friends who really are not on your wavelength.

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