This Week’s Horoscope Rules Zodiacs With Feelings Over Emotion, Here’s How It Affects Mood

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Monday’s Full Moon in Cancer is an emotional powerhouse, setting the scene for a week ruled much by instinct, emotions, feelings and gut reactions, rather than logic. There’s a lot of lunar activity this week too, which further heightens our collective intuitive power – don’t be surprised if people around you seem quite moody and changeable.

On Wednesday, the Sun moves into eccentric Aquarius. Although this is rational and emotionally detached energy, it will take its time to be felt. If you’re caught in an emotional whirlwind, however, the second half of the week is definitely your best chance to find calm.

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Family matters are your prime concern early this week, Aries, particularly during Monday’s Full Moon. This lunation opposes Pluto, so expect a battle of wills, particularly with a teenager, a senior or an obstinate extended family member. Maintaining your authority within the home could be a struggle for a few days.

From Wednesday onwards, the Sun shines from your social zone, so the latter half of the week is a very good time to make new friends or to seek out a tribe where you feel at home, understood and welcomed.

If you have outgrown a friendship recently, this is your chance to let it go, kindly and gently, with respect.