This Week’s Horoscope Rules Zodiacs With Feelings Over Emotion, Here’s How It Affects Mood

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Monday’s Full Moon in Cancer is an emotional powerhouse, setting the scene for a week ruled much by instinct, emotions, feelings and gut reactions, rather than logic. There’s a lot of lunar activity this week too, which further heightens our collective intuitive power – don’t be surprised if people around you seem quite moody and changeable.

On Wednesday, the Sun moves into eccentric Aquarius. Although this is rational and emotionally detached energy, it will take its time to be felt. If you’re caught in an emotional whirlwind, however, the second half of the week is definitely your best chance to find calm.

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Family matters are your prime concern early this week, Aries, particularly during Monday’s Full Moon. This lunation opposes Pluto, so expect a battle of wills, particularly with a teenager, a senior or an obstinate extended family member. Maintaining your authority within the home could be a struggle for a few days.

From Wednesday onwards, the Sun shines from your social zone, so the latter half of the week is a very good time to make new friends or to seek out a tribe where you feel at home, understood and welcomed.

If you have outgrown a friendship recently, this is your chance to let it go, kindly and gently, with respect.


This looks set to be a very busy week, Taurus, packed with errands, loose ends and demands on your time. During Monday’s Full Moon you may feel stressed and put-upon – remember that you can always ask for help. Delegate, and see to it that you get the support you deserve. You’re not in this alone!

It’s important to stay well organized, especially at work – not least because on Wednesday the Sun moves into your career zone, highlighting opportunities and possibilities that you should follow up.

The later part of the week is excellent for job interviews or for winning new business. Don’t be shy about your talents!


Anything related to money feels highly emotional for you this week, Gemini, especially during Monday’s Full Moon in your money zone. It’s not that you’re materialistic, but you do understand that money brings security, and it’s this that interests you most. If your security is rocked by financial instability, you will feel lost and vulnerable.

Seek expert financial help if you need it, and don’t allow emotions to cloud your practical judgment on money matters.

When the Sun changes sign on Wednesday, you’ll start to feel more optimistic. Plan a journey or a vacation for later in the year – give yourself something to look forward to. It really will make a big difference to your mood and outlook.

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The Cancer Full Moon on Monday finds you at your most emotional – but also your most intuitive and shrewd. The Full Moon opposes Pluto, so you can expect some power struggles in your closest relationship, or perhaps some subterfuge. You will sense the truth, so listen to your gut instincts, no matter what the facts appear to say.

The first half of the week may feel emotionally raw, but better news comes when the Sun moves into your passion zone on Wednesday. Spend plenty of quality time with your partner and seek to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Healing is available for your love life, should you want to take it, so don’t worry about the emotional ups and downs.


You’ll want to spend the early part of this week hunkered down, Leo, preferably under a duvet and far, far from work, stress, difficult people and the demands of everyday life. Good luck with that. If like most of us this simply isn’t an option for you, your alternative is to spend plenty of time in meditation, especially during Monday’s Full Moon in your spiritual zone.

You are learning to find peace of mind and stillness even in the middle of your busy lifestyle, which is an invaluable gift.

On Wednesday, the Sun changes signs to illuminate your romance zone, so your spirits will lift if you’re in a happy relationship. If you’re single, Wednesday is a terrific day for a date!


Monday’s Full Moon urges you to pool your ideas and your talents with other like-minded souls, Virgo, to try to make a real difference in the world. You’ll be very emotionally in tune with a cherished cause, project or charity, and your skills can be a huge asset now to whatever you choose to promote.

The early part of the week could be tricky for friendships, however, especially if a friend lets you down during the Full Moon period.

Fortunately, when the Sun changes signs on Wednesday, it will shine from your health zone, boosting your mental health, your self-esteem and your sense of self-worth, as well as your physical vitality. Keep on keeping on.

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Monday brings drama around your career, Libra, as the Full Moon opposes Pluto – are you neglecting your family life in order to pursue your career? Or maybe you’re missing out on career opportunities precisely because you don’t want to spend time away from home? A difficult dilemma may present itself and you’ll feel emotional about the choices you are making.

Know that you are loved and supported, whatever decision you make. You’re doing your best and the universe knows that.

Look forward to Wednesday and the second half of the week, because the Sun changes signs to illuminate your joy zone. Do something fun to lift your spirits – the more spontaneous the better! Laughter will renew your zest for life.


This week’s very emotional Full Moon highlights your fears and worries about your life path and indeed your life purpose, Scorpio. Monday will find you fretting over the decision you have made and the direction you have chosen – but it’s never too late to change.

Harness your own highly intuitive nature and blend with the intuition this Full Moon also provides; through meditation, dreams, divination or psychic insight, you will know whether or not you are on the right path.

When the Sun changes sign on Wednesday, the focus shifts to your root and your past, including your past lives. Reconnect with old friends, revisit childhood haunts or indulge in a past life reading.


Monday’s Full Moon makes you acutely aware of what you owe to other people, Sagittarius – and indeed, of what someone close owes you. If you have been feeling resentful or put-upon, expect this lunation to greatly increase your resentment or bitterness, which is not a pleasant feeling. Counter the negativity by reminding yourself that you and you alone are responsible for your own happiness.

Make good on your own emotional debts to others this week, by returning favors, forwarding kindnesses and simply offering sincere gratitude.

Expect a busy end to the week, especially once the Sun changes signs on Wednesday – errands, chores and tasks will start to multiply rapidly.

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How’s the power dynamic in your closest relationship? The Full Moon on Monday shines from your love zone, but opposes manipulative Pluto in Capricorn, potentially heralding an emotional showdown with your lover. Take great care not to overreact, because this energy will quickly dissipate.

Turn your focus to financial and business matters from Wednesday onwards, when the Sun leaves Capricorn and starts to illuminate your money zone. This is a very good time to practice manifestation techniques, and to take practical steps to improve your income or to grow your business.

The Sun will also be shining a new light on your values, so you may want to reassess your priorities in life.


Monday’s Full Moon shines an emotional light on your health and wellbeing, particularly where you’ve been neglecting self-care in the last few weeks.

If you feel stressed, anxious, panicky or overwhelmed, this is an excellent time to reach out for professional help and counseling, as well as the love and care of those closest to you. Physically, it’s also a good time to draw a firm line under unhealthy habits and to gather your willpower for a fresh start.

The Sun will move into Aquarius on Wednesday, giving you a burst of vitality, confidence and energy. Harness this fizz and sparkle to direct your life towards a new, healthier path.


If you’ve recently taken a gamble – on anything, be it love, money, a job, a partner, a friendship – then you can expect to see the results play out during Monday’s emotional Full Moon. You may or may not win this gamble, Pisces, but you will learn from it.

The first half of the week is also likely to highlight any areas of your life where you are bored, stuck in a rut, restless or downtrodden. Use your intuition wisely and do whatever you have to do to heave yourself out of this situation and into a brighter one.

The Sun shifts into your spiritual zone on Wednesday, so you will find helpful insight in your dreams, divinations or psychic communications. Listen to what the cosmos is telling you.

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