This Week’s Horoscope Shifts Focus Into The Unknown, Here’s How Each Zodiac Should Be Cautious

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It’s a very busy astrological week, which will see a heavy focus on the known versus the unknown, or the truth versus fantasy. We start on Monday with a Sun-Jupiter square which cautions against exaggeration or bluffing, ahead of a very volatile Mars-Uranus opposition on Wednesday – this aspect focuses on challenges to the status quo and underlines a rebellious vibe.

Two trines, between Mercury and Neptune on Thursday and Venus and Uranus on Friday, do bring some light relief and potentially some good news in love or money. However, Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in Taurus threatens to tear down our established truths in favor of something much more mysterious.

Saturday sees a Mercury-Jupiter square, reminding us that there is much we still don’t know; try not to jump to conclusions based on an incomplete picture. It’s not until the Sun moves into open, honest Sagittarius on Sunday that things start to become clearer.

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Your financial and emotional independence is a huge deal this week, Aries, and when Mars opposes Uranus, you may feel caught between needing freedom versus depending on others for practical or financial support.

This is a blow to your dignity and your pioneering spirit, so don’t be surprised if you feel trapped or financially reckless during the Lunar Eclipse on Friday. The Venus-Uranus trine the same day does show promise for career advancement if you’re willing to take a risk, however.

Look to Sunday and the arrival of the Sun in your adventure zone for a lighter feeling and a sense of renewed freedom.