This Week’s Horoscope Shifts Focus Into The Unknown, Here’s How Each Zodiac Should Be Cautious

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It’s a very busy astrological week, which will see a heavy focus on the known versus the unknown, or the truth versus fantasy. We start on Monday with a Sun-Jupiter square which cautions against exaggeration or bluffing, ahead of a very volatile Mars-Uranus opposition on Wednesday – this aspect focuses on challenges to the status quo and underlines a rebellious vibe.

Two trines, between Mercury and Neptune on Thursday and Venus and Uranus on Friday, do bring some light relief and potentially some good news in love or money. However, Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in Taurus threatens to tear down our established truths in favor of something much more mysterious.

Saturday sees a Mercury-Jupiter square, reminding us that there is much we still don’t know; try not to jump to conclusions based on an incomplete picture. It’s not until the Sun moves into open, honest Sagittarius on Sunday that things start to become clearer.

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Your financial and emotional independence is a huge deal this week, Aries, and when Mars opposes Uranus, you may feel caught between needing freedom versus depending on others for practical or financial support.

This is a blow to your dignity and your pioneering spirit, so don’t be surprised if you feel trapped or financially reckless during the Lunar Eclipse on Friday. The Venus-Uranus trine the same day does show promise for career advancement if you’re willing to take a risk, however.

Look to Sunday and the arrival of the Sun in your adventure zone for a lighter feeling and a sense of renewed freedom.


It’s your relationship in the spotlight this week, particularly during the tense Mars-Uranus opposition on Wednesday. You may be at odds with one another over your future plans, with one favoring stability and the other favoring new horizons. It’s crucial that you talk this through gently and kindly.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Friday is a gamechanger, clarifying your own ideas, dreams and goals in quite a dramatic manner – you will certainly understand better where you stand. Itchy feet the same day, courtesy of the Venus-Uranus trine, makes it more likely that you will be reluctant to keep things as they are.

With the Sun arriving in your passion zone on Sunday, speak from the heart to your partner. Fundamentally, you are both still on the same side.


During this very busy week, you’re likely to start feeling the pressure. Stress mounts from your everyday tasks and an over-burdened schedule; during Wednesday’s Mars-Uranus opposition, something may snap. It’s important that you seek some downtime, privacy and space rather than trying to do everything yourself.

The Lunar Eclipse on Friday occurs in your sacrifice zone and prompts feelings of resentment and bitterness over what you have given up for others. Talk about how you feel. Don’t give up on your loved ones – a healing Venus-Uranus trine on the same day shows that better mutual understanding is there for the taking.

On Sunday, the Sun moves into your romance zone, which will breathe new life in your relationship, with the promise of magic and cherished moments ahead.

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What’s best for you personally may not be best for those around you. During the volatile Mars-Uranus opposition on Wednesday, you’ll want to put your own interests first, but increasingly that’s becoming impossible.

The Lunar Eclipse on Friday is in your community zone, urging you to better understand the collective nature of our existence. Give up some of your time for volunteering or community work or get together with others to make a difference. A promising Venus-Uranus trine the same say even hints that this could bring romance into your life if you’re single.

It’s a stressful week, but when the Sun arrives in your health zone on Sunday, you will finally start to feel more refreshed and revitalized.


The delicate balance between work and family life is up for argument yet again this week, especially when Mars opposes Uranus in a volatile show of temper and tantrum on Wednesday. You may feel as though you can’t win, especially during the Lunar Eclipse on Friday – this brings a major opportunity, but at the cost of yet more sacrifice in your family life.

Think smart. The same day, a promising Venus-Uranus trine shows how with better time management, scheduling or delegation, you could start to get the best of both worlds.

Plus, when the Sun moves into your joy zone on Sunday, you’ll start to learn how to maximize the family time you do have. Make sure to do something fun for everyone!


You may feel uncomfortable in the spotlight this week; it’s as if you’re being tested somehow, or feel that you have to prove your knowledge or prove that you’re good at your job. When Mars opposes Uranus on Wednesday, your competency may be challenged, or you might find yourself with disappointing results from an interview, exam or test. Hang on in there.

The Lunar Eclipse on Friday is in your education zone; the same day a Venus-Uranus trine hints that enjoyment and advancement can come from a new qualification or study project of some kind.

Meanwhile, the Sun arrives in your family zone on Sunday – it’s the perfect weekend for a family reunion or special event.

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You’ve got the self-improvement bug at the moment, but events this week may cause you to second guess yourself, Libra, building self-doubt and self-criticism. This is especially so on Wednesday when Mars opposes Uranus and you wonder why you’re wasting your time. You’re not!

The Lunar Eclipse on Friday will show you why not, giving you a glimpse into what you could be, who you could become and how you could live life to the maximum. At the same time, Venus trines Uranus, showing you how your past does not need to define your future. It’s a very positive experience.

Meanwhile, the Sun shifts into your mind zone on Sunday, brightening your mood and lifting your optimism. It’s still all to play for.


Tempestuous times in your love life continue this week, Scorpio, not helped much by the volatile opposition between Mars in your sign and rebel planet Uranus in your love zone. You’re almost on a self-destruct mission in your relationship; stop it and think before you act.

The Lunar Eclipse on Friday occurs in your love zone and may bring shocks or surprises, but these will serve a positive purpose, helping you to understand how much your partner truly does mean to you. Together with a healing and communicative Venus-Uranus trine the same day, this is an excellent moment for a new level of understanding.

The Sun arrives in your values zone on Sunday, which will further boost and underscore your new commitment to one another.


Look after your mental health this week, because there’s a very volatile atmosphere in town. On Wednesday, you may struggle with the Mars-Uranus opposition, which highlights your conflicting desire for action versus your deep need for solitude. It may seem impossible to have both, but is it?

The Lunar Eclipse on Friday is in your health zone and could be a wakeup call, urging you to prioritize whatever brings you peace of mind. A Venus-Uranus trine the same day shows how your values and your mental health go hand in hand; a subtle mind-shift could be all you need.

The Sun arrives in Sagittarius on Sunday, and it’s at this point that you will gain the insight and the ‘a-ha’ moment you’ve been looking for.

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You’re very good at long-term planning, Capricorn, but there are signs this week that you’re overdoing it. During the Mars-Uranus opposition on Wednesday, you may be forced to realize that life has become stale and unexciting.

Indeed, the Lunar Eclipse on Friday is in your joy zone – and events around this lunation will show you the value of spontaneity, impulse fun and living life for the moment. A beautiful Venus-Uranus trine also brings magic and surprises to your love life – but only if you’re willing to abandon your routines.

When the Sun arrives in your spiritual zone on Sunday, you’ll start to realize the value of mindfulness; it’s time to live in the present, not the past or the future.


Something is not quite right with your career path, Aquarius, and this week highlights the unease you feel over that. Wednesday’s Mars-Uranus opposition could be a breaking point, as could the Lunar Eclipse on Friday which occurs in your roots zone. Are you really living out your authentic purpose, or are you simply doing what brings in the most money?

An insightful Venus-Uranus trine on Friday shows you lessons from your past lives or from your higher self and will inspire you to make the necessary changes to how you live your life and earn your living.

Meanwhile, with the Sun arriving in your social zone on Sunday, it may be time to meet new friends or find a new tribe.


Are you walking the walk or just talking the talk? Events this week may uncover any inconsistencies in your life philosophy, Pisces, especially on Wednesday when Mars opposes Uranus and challenges your authenticity.

Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in your mind zone resets your thinking and underlines the importance of following your own advice. A Venus-Uranus trine the same day encourages you to reach out to others with your experiences too, because you can help those who have gone through the same life patterns you have.

Meanwhile, get ready for some positive career news – the Sun arrives in your career zone on Sunday, and prepares you for success.

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