This Week’s Horoscope Shines Under Virgo’s Full Moon, Urging All Zodiacs To Get To Work On Tough Decisions

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This week begins under the benevolent influence of a Leo Moon, which allows for a feel-good, largely pleasant atmosphere. The Full Moon on Friday shines from Virgo and gets a constructive boost from Pluto. This is very much “get to work” energy, excellent for tying up loose ends, attending to small details or taking tough decisions for your own good.

On Sunday, it’s the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Fall Equinox in the southern hemisphere. This important astrological moment marks a balance between light and dark; it’s also the point at which the Sun shifts into Aries and a new astrological year begins.

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Aries sign in purple background symbol

Alexxandar / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Alexxandar / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

The week gets off to a creative, fun start for you, Aries, and the first couple of days are excellent for love, partying and indulging your inner child. Get playtime out of your system while you have the chance, because the second half of the week is much more business-like.

On Friday, the Full Moon urges you to get yourself organized. It’s time to declutter, to throw out your trash – mentally and physically – and to use time management techniques to free up more hours in your day. Your efforts will be worth it because once the Sun moves into Aries on Sunday, a world of opportunities open up ahead of you – and you’ll need time and space to make the most of them.