This Week’s Horoscope Shows All Is Not As It Seems, Zodiacs Prepare For Manipulation And Deceit

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Many of us will feel inspired to be brave this week – but unfortunately, difficult energies as Mars and Neptune face off leave any such efforts open to manipulation, lies, deceit and secrecy. Since all is not as it seems, it may pay to be cautious about the risks you choose to take.

Communication will be hampered from Friday onwards when Mercury turns retrograde in rebel sign Aquarius. If you’re hoping to change the world, start by being clear and honest with yourself, because this influence can mislead us too – especially if we think we’re being heroic when actually we’re just being selfish.

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You are particularly susceptible to con artists and liars this week, Aries, so take everything you hear with a huge pinch of salt. Put your faith in yourself and only yourself, especially on Tuesday – someone may try to sell you the world, but they can’t win if you’re not buying.

Towards the end of the week, don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning your long-term objectives and goals. As Mercury turns retrograde in this area of your natal birth chart, it can be healthy to double-check your motives. Slow down, think about it carefully, and reset your course accordingly.