This Week’s Horoscope Shows All Is Not As It Seems, Zodiacs Prepare For Manipulation And Deceit

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Many of us will feel inspired to be brave this week – but unfortunately, difficult energies as Mars and Neptune face off leave any such efforts open to manipulation, lies, deceit and secrecy. Since all is not as it seems, it may pay to be cautious about the risks you choose to take.

Communication will be hampered from Friday onwards when Mercury turns retrograde in rebel sign Aquarius. If you’re hoping to change the world, start by being clear and honest with yourself, because this influence can mislead us too – especially if we think we’re being heroic when actually we’re just being selfish.

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You are particularly susceptible to con artists and liars this week, Aries, so take everything you hear with a huge pinch of salt. Put your faith in yourself and only yourself, especially on Tuesday – someone may try to sell you the world, but they can’t win if you’re not buying.

Towards the end of the week, don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning your long-term objectives and goals. As Mercury turns retrograde in this area of your natal birth chart, it can be healthy to double-check your motives. Slow down, think about it carefully, and reset your course accordingly.


Well-meaning friends and acquaintances have a lot to say this week, Taurus, and will want you to take their advice. Listen by all means – it never hurts to hear people out – but rely on your own common sense and your instincts when it comes to decision making.

Because deceit swirls through the air on Tuesday, your best bet is to avoid major choices if you can. Wait until the energies are clearer. If you cannot wait, you’ll find it helpful to drown out the noise and to listen to your inner voice.

Mercury turning retrograde in your career zone on Friday is a surprisingly helpful influence, allowing you time to regroup at work and to plan ahead.


Conflicts between your working life and your closest relationship are in focus this week, Gemini, and this is one area where you often feel that you simply cannot win. Try as you might, either your partner or your work colleagues will imply that you’re letting them down.

It’s important not to take this personally. You are doing enough; you are enough. Just keep going; surge through this difficult vibe and know that the energy will settle soon enough. Make choices from the heart and you won’t go wrong.

When your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, stick close to home for a while; travels and adventures can wait for a few weeks.

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It looks like you’re feeling hemmed in by responsibilities this week, Cancer, or trapped by a mundane job you wish you could escape. It’s as if life keeps holding you down, despite your best efforts to seek a better option.

Try not to be too hard on yourself, especially on Tuesday. You’re doing the best you can, with what you have, in the here and now, and that’s all any of us can do. You might not be achieving the near-impossible, but nor is anyone else. Better weeks lie ahead.

When Mercury turns retrograde in your psychology zone on Friday, you will better understand your own value, and your self-worth will grow.


You like to be bold and daring, Leo, but it’s important to avoid excess risk-taking this week, especially on Tuesday. You’re driven to take a chance, but you really don’t know what you’re getting into; things are hidden from you that could change everything. Stop, back off, slow down and take your chance another day.

Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone on Friday, which isn’t as bad it might sound – on the contrary, this is your chance to communicate more sincerely with your partner, without the need to grandstand or “win” an argument. Keep talking; the more you open up your soul, the closer the two of you will become.


This week’s energies pit your closest relationship against your extended family in some way, Virgo, probably with a highly passive-aggressive edge to the conflict. It will be very hard to avoid being dragged into the fight, but you know deep down that all parties are behaving ridiculously. Unfortunately, it’s up to you to be the grown-up in the room.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde in your health zone on Friday, however, which provides you with the peace and quiet you need to relax and switch off. Let the world turn without you for a few days, especially over the weekend.

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You’re in a rush to get back to work and ‘business as usual’ this week, Libra, but too much haste could cost you dearly. Be especially careful on Tuesday, when glossing over details or taking shortcuts could lead to a lot of confusion, if not outright chaos.

Getting organized will be difficult mid-week, since you don’t have all the information you need – but that shouldn’t stop you from improving your time management skills at least, ready for the year ahead.

On Friday, Mercury turns retrograde in your dating zone, so if you are meeting someone new over the weekend, you may have to work extra hard to get your point across.


Your compulsive streak is something of an issue this week, Scorpio, especially when it comes to money management. You may feel goaded to spend more than you should or conversely, you may deliberately withhold money from someone as a punishment or out of spite. You’re better than this, Scorpio. Get a handle on the situation and use your emotional intelligence to settle it down.

When Mercury turns retrograde in your family zone on Friday, you may feel drawn to get back in touch with your roots or with old friends from years ago. This can be fascinating, and healing too, but remember that you live in the present now.


Mars, currently in your sign, is on the warpath this week, Sagittarius, and is likely to lead you into all kinds of situations you don’t really want to be in. On Tuesday, the discord is likely to center around an old family feud or a situation where someone either cannot or will not forgive and forget.

Losing your temper isn’t going to help, so try to stay calm. This energy will not last long, but while it is in play, your best bet is to distract yourself with a hobby, sport or pastime you enjoy. Don’t give yourself time to fly off the handle.

Mercury turns retrograde in your communications zone on Friday, so the weekend isn’t the best time for difficult conversations either. Keep a lower profile, just for now.

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Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit vague and out of sorts this week, Capricorn. Mars, currently transiting your spiritual zone, is creating drama out of nothing when you’d much rather simply enjoy your own company. Tuesday may be a particularly draining day, especially if the current drama centers around your workplace. Hang on in there.

Overall, the more work you can get done this week, the better, because you’ll start to feel guilty if you leave too much undone.

Mercury turns retrograde in your values zone on Friday, however, so you may encounter a challenge to your beliefs or values over the weekend.


Your social life is likely to be up and down this week, Aquarius, and on Tuesday a friendship or community drama is likely to seem draining and rather odd too – as if the whole thing blew up out of nowhere.

Much as you’d prefer to avoid confrontation, you may not have much choice and will have to deal with some angry people this week. Stay calm and detach yourself emotionally. You’re not the problem here.

When Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on Friday, you’ll be able to take a backseat and gain some much-needed privacy. Until then, just smile, grit your teeth and carry on.


You’d rather not be in the spotlight this week, Pisces, but astrology suggests that you’re going to end up there, like it or not. You may be pushed to the forefront, especially at work, through circumstances beyond your control.

Although you’ll feel like a rabbit in the headlights, you’re much more capable than you realize. Don’t panic when you’re forced to take control, especially on Tuesday. Just do what you do, the way that you do it. You will be effective, and others will notice.

When Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, the drama will fade, and you will be able to regain your peace of mind – and your sanity!

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