This Week’s Horoscope Takes A Break From The Drama, Here’s What Each Zodiac Will Release

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After the drama and angst of last week, this one is a breath of fresh air. The water grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Neptune on Tuesday sets the tone of harmony, goodwill and kindness.

Mercury’s arrival in broad-minded, idealistic Sagittarius the following day helps too, and increases the focus on fairness and equality.

The Moon, Saturn and Uranus go briefly off-message on Thursday in an ill-tempered T-square, but by Sunday, when the Sun conjuncts Mercury in optimistic Sagittarius, the feel-good factor is back in force. Overall, it’s a week for seeing the best in others, and for opening hearts and minds.


Your focus this week is on your own spiritual development, Aries – don’t be surprised if you have some psychic or paranormal experiences, especially on Tuesday when a watery grand trine boosts your ability to access higher vibrations of existence.

You may find some of your experiences a bit unsettling, but Mercury’s arrival in your wisdom zone on Wednesday will encourage you to maintain an open mind and to seek further knowledge, so don’t shy away from the spirit world.

Friendships may briefly come under strain during Thursday’s stubborn T-square. Try not to take unnecessary risks at this time, or indeed to mix money and friendships – it may not end well.