This Week’s Horoscope Takes A Break From The Drama, Here’s What Each Zodiac Will Release

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After the drama and angst of last week, this one is a breath of fresh air. The water grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Neptune on Tuesday sets the tone of harmony, goodwill and kindness.

Mercury’s arrival in broad-minded, idealistic Sagittarius the following day helps too, and increases the focus on fairness and equality.

The Moon, Saturn and Uranus go briefly off-message on Thursday in an ill-tempered T-square, but by Sunday, when the Sun conjuncts Mercury in optimistic Sagittarius, the feel-good factor is back in force. Overall, it’s a week for seeing the best in others, and for opening hearts and minds.


Your focus this week is on your own spiritual development, Aries – don’t be surprised if you have some psychic or paranormal experiences, especially on Tuesday when a watery grand trine boosts your ability to access higher vibrations of existence.

You may find some of your experiences a bit unsettling, but Mercury’s arrival in your wisdom zone on Wednesday will encourage you to maintain an open mind and to seek further knowledge, so don’t shy away from the spirit world.

Friendships may briefly come under strain during Thursday’s stubborn T-square. Try not to take unnecessary risks at this time, or indeed to mix money and friendships – it may not end well.


This is a highly sociable week for you, Taurus, and a good time to share ideas and ideals, bouncing your thoughts off others and learning all the time. Tuesday’s grand trine aspect also encourages love and companionship; if you’re single, someone special may be right under your nose.

Mercury’s arrival in your mysteries zone on Wednesday is intriguing and will likely cause you to dig deep into a subject that interests you. Be careful, however – once you discover a secret, you cannot then simply choose to un-know it!

Your work-life balance may cause minor arguments on Thursday during the awkward T-square between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus, but this is nothing you can’t handle if you keep your cool.


There should be plenty of good news around your carer and ambitions this week, Gemini, with opportunities for you to get truly creative or imaginative in what you do and how you do it. Tuesday is set to be a very promising day, with the water grand trine sparking new and intuitive ways you can increase your income.

Mercury moves into your love zone on Wednesday, which is great news for a relationship that needs better communication. If you’re single, this is also very flirtatious energy, which can be fun for dating!

With lots of demands on your time on Thursday, you may feel the frustrations of the fixed T-square aspect between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus. You simply can’t do everything or be all things to all people, so prioritize and know that you have done your best.

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There’s a focus on learning and education this week, Cancer – which is fantastic news if you are a student or indeed a teacher. The water grand trine on Tuesday gives you confidence in your knowledge and inspires you to pass it on to others too, in a very imaginative and creative manner.

Mercury arrives in your everyday work zone on Wednesday, which helps you to get more done in less time. Focus and concentration improve, and this is a very good day for teamwork with colleagues.

Expect some angst over money, debts or shared finances on Thursday during the awkward T-square aspect. The best way to handle this is through scrupulous honesty, so be open and transparent about what you know.


You’ll be fascinated this week to learn more about what makes you, you. The grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Neptune on Tuesday is especially insightful and may help you to understand some long-hidden truths about your own personality and identity.

Mercury’s arrival in your fun zone on Wednesday means that you’ll enjoy quizzes, intellectual hobbies or endless discussions setting the world to rights; if you’re dating at this time, look for someone who moves your mind, not just your body.

Relationship tension on Thursday is largely to do with your career and the amount of time it takes you away from your family; the fixed T-square between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus is unhelpful, but essentially you just have to carry on doing your best.


There’s a lot of love in the air this week, Virgo – not only romantic love but also friendship, companionship and family love too. You are truly blessed in this area of life, and you’ll feel it, particularly during the sensitive and sentimental watery grand trine on Tuesday.

Mercury’s arrival in your family zone is a good influence too on Wednesday. This helps with talking through any lingering family resentments, or with getting better organized if there is a home move taking place.

You may wish for more privacy on Thursday, when the tense T-square between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus pushes your buttons, but overall, this is a week to remember for the right reasons.

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Work matters get easier to handle this week, Libra, with an increased sense of cooperation, teamwork and mutual support among colleagues. Tuesday is an especially good day in this regard, with positivity boosted by the grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Neptune.

Mercury’s arrival in your communication zone on Wednesday is also ideal for getting things done – and for winning support for new projects you’d like to propose too. This is an excellent influence if you work in marketing or PR.

There could be some social tension on Thursday during an ill-tempered T-square – be willing to say yes to friends’ spontaneity rather than insisting that everything is planned upfront.


Letting your inner child out to play could be surprisingly good fun this week, Scorpio – and perhaps lucrative too! Indulge yourself on Tuesday by allowing yourself to play or get creative, inspired by the watery grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Neptune.

With Mercury moving into your money zone on Wednesday, your artistic endeavors could also turn into a side income stream of some sort. Never say never – you have more talent in this area than you believe.

Family conflicts could create tension on Thursday, when the Moon, Saturn and Uranus are forced into an uneasy coexistence; simply ride it out, because this awkward influence will not last long.


Focus on family and your roots this week. It’s a very good time to discover more about your heritage or background, or even to explore your past lives. The deeply intuitive and psychic grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Neptune on Tuesday will definitely help with this.

Mercury’s arrival in your own zodiac sign on Wednesday meanwhile boosts your confidence to no end and will assist you in being assertive, purposeful and efficient both at work and in your personal life.

Beware of bluffing knowledge on Thursday, however. The tense T-square between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus warns that you may be found out if you try to pretend to be something or someone you’re not.

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This is a very busy week for you with lots of errands to run and projects to attend to, Capricorn, but you’ll get a lot of satisfaction from a job well done. You may find it difficult to concentrate during Tuesday’s watery grand trine, but on the other hand this imaginative influence could help you find creative solutions to your overloaded schedule.

Mercury’s arrival in your spiritual zone on Wednesday brings you peace of mind and a certain serenity, even among your busy everyday life. Your ability to live in the moment is enhanced too, so mindfulness will work well for you this week.

Take care not to gamble or be reckless with money during Thursday’s unstable T-square.


Money matters get a boost this week and it’s an excellent time to look into a creative side hustle or to change jobs within a creative field. Look to the grand trine on Tuesday for inspiration and a sense of idealism if you’re not sure how to match your income with your principles.

Mercury’s shift into your humanitarian zone on Wednesday, Aquarius, will help with this too, enabling you to find the value in community projects, volunteering or skill donations that will make you feel worthy and useful.

Watch out for some tension in your relationship on Thursday, when the stubborn fixed T-square makes it difficult to compromise. Keep talking, because this influence will quickly fade.


You are setting an excellent example of compassion, kindness and selflessness this week, Pisces, especially on Tuesday during the watery grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Neptune. Others are inspired by your actions, but do be careful that you’re not allowing anyone to take advantage of your good nature.

Mercury’s arrival in your ambitions zone on Wednesday is helpful, giving you more confidence and enabling you to sell your skills and abilities well; this would be a very good time for a job interview.

Strange dreams or weird coincidences may spook you on Thursday, as the awkward T-square aspect between the Moon, Saturn and Uranus dampens down your normal calm acceptance of these things; listen to your intuition regarding who or what to trust.

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