This Week’s Horoscope Has Intense Showdowns In Store, Find Out How Your Zodiac Sign Will Be Impacted

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The cosmic vibes are tense and ill-tempered at the start and end of this week, although there is a very serene interlude in between.

On Wednesday, both Mercury and Mars square Saturn in a stand-off that could easily result in stalemate, anger, showdowns or full-scale eruptions, whether in business, on the world stage or in our personal lives.

Friday sees a significant note of harmony restored when the Sun trines Neptune in a beautiful show of harmony, compassion and understanding, but this is relatively short-lived. Saturday’s Mercury-Uranus opposition raises tensions once more, introducing a note of suspicion onto the agenda and highlighting a lack of trust.

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Suspicion this week is largely connected to your friendships and social network, Aries. If you have lent money, or owe money, this will be a particular bone of contention on Wednesday when Mercury and Mars square up to Saturn. If money isn’t the issue, intimacy and love may be, especially if a friend has become too close.

There’s a chance for healing and forgiveness on Friday during the Sun-Neptune trine, and you should seize this with both hands – it makes no sense to perpetuate the drama.

When Mercury opposes Uranus on Saturday, it’s your values in the spotlight. At this point, Aries, what you owe to others must be paid back, whether that’s financial or emotional. If you don’t or can’t pay, expect repercussions.